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  1. WWII Fighter Plane Recovered: BIG PIC : Discovery News

    Dec. 2, 2009-- A World War II fighter plane was recovered from the depths of Lake Michigan, more than 60 years after it crashed during a training exercise.
  2. World War 2 : Discovery News

    These World War 2 articles are full of useful information. Visit History now to learn all about World War 2.
  3. WW2HANGAR.NET » WW2 Wrecks/Discoveries

    Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have used high-resolution sonar imagery to discover two important sunken WWII vessels ...
  4. WWII Discoveries

    UD researchers help locate lost heroes from World War II The University of Delaware’s Mark Moline knew that his grandfather, O. Karl Olander, was a Navy chaplain in ...
  5. Top 10 Inventions Discovered During WWII - WAR HISTORY ONLINE

    1. Penicillin. Originally, the discovery of the capabilities of the Penicillium Notatum mold on killing bacteria was made in 1869 by Ernest Duchesne and Sir Alexander ...
  6. 6 mind-boggling recent discoveries of WWII remnants - WAR ...

    Photo story (Clockwise from top left): (1) Interior of Goebbels Bunker discovered in December 1997 (2) SS driver’s bunker discover in 1996 (3) WWII Kurt weather ...
  7. Discovery

    Discovery : Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News! : Discovery Channel
  8. More insane discoveries from old World War II battles

    The past several weeks have seen the discovery of a surprising number of remnants left over from the Second World War. The latest finds include a sunken Nazi sub off ...
  9. 6 Mind-Blowing Things Recently Discovered From WWII | Cracked.com

    6 Mind-Blowing Things Recently Discovered From WWII. ... nearly seven decades after World War II ended, ... Despite this being a monumental discovery for ...
  10. Wrecks: WWII - Hitler's Third Reich and World War II in the News

    World War II wrecks - Photos and recent discoveries. ... is a daily edited review of WWII articles - including German WW2 militaria - providing thought-provoking ...
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