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  1. Ross Corbett's WW2 Discovery

    Join Ross Corbett on an exciting WW2 journey to explore the history of World War 2 today
  2. WWII Fighter Plane Recovered: BIG PIC : Discovery News

    Dec. 2, 2009-- A World War II fighter plane was recovered from the depths of Lake Michigan, more than 60 years after it crashed during a training exercise.
  3. World War 2 : Discovery News - DNews

    Construction workers discovered the live WWII bomb, prompting the evacuation of 2,260 people.
  4. Expedition uncovering Nazi U-boat in Gulf shows WWII played ...

    Tom Czekanski, the National WWII Museum curator, told The Times that during the war "America really was under siege."
  5. 6 mind-boggling recent discoveries of WWII remnants - WAR ...

    Photo story (Clockwise from top left): (1) Interior of Goebbels Bunker discovered in December 1997 (2) SS driver’s bunker discover in 1996 (3) WWII Kurt weather ...
  6. WW2HANGAR.NET » WW2 Wrecks/Discoveries

    A World War II-era plane has today crashed and burst into flames on a runway at a West Virginia air show, killing the pilot. The T-28 aircraft plummeted to ground ...
  7. Wrecks: WWII - World War II News

    World War II wrecks - Photos and recent discoveries. ... World War II in the News is a daily edited review of WWII articles - including German WW2 militaria ...
  8. 6 Mind-Blowing Things Recently Discovered From WWII | Cracked.com

    6 Mind-Blowing Discoveries We Just Made About Famous Art 4 Insane Unknown Backstories Behind Famous Movies 5 Ridiculous Lies You Probably Believe About Psychology
  9. Top 10 Inventions Discovered During WWII - WAR HISTORY ONLINE

    ... the discovery of the capabilities of the Penicillium ... Top 10 Inventions Discovered During WWII Technology in World War II That Changed History Inventions ...
  10. Discovery of WWII photos in a foxhole was just a dumb hoax

    Right around Independence Day, an amazing story went around: historians discover a soldier's camera at the site of the Battle of the Bulge. They develop the 70-year ...
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  4. World War Ii Technology

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