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  1. Web widget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Widgets come in many shapes and sizes, but two of the major types today are Web widgets and Desktop widgets. Web widgets are intended for use on (embedding in ...
  2. Widget | Define Widget at Dictionary.com

    Start with headlines in the widget and read any story with a single click. They represent the amount of money needed to pay your staff to make one unit of output, one ...
  3. Apple - Downloads - Dashboard

    International (744) Search Australia or Austria with this worldwide collection of widgets. Just For Fun (222) Fun widgets to brighten up your Dashboard.
  4. Weather Widget-add weather.com weather to your website

    Add weather information to your website for the domestic or international city of your choice. Add current temperature, conditions, and alerts.
  5. Widget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Widget may refer to: Widget (economics), a placeholder name for a manufactured device Widget (beer), a device placed in cans and bottles of beer to aid in the ...
  6. Widgets - Cool Widget Creation and Widget Services

    Creating widgets for your brand can seem a mysterious and daunting task. Cool website widgets in particular need to be useful as well as entertaining or interesting.
  7. Widgets - Featured Applications - Mobile Phones | SAMSUNG

    Widgets are small client-side applications installed on handsets. Samsung Mobile Widgets use web technologies based on TouchWiz UI to access various handset functions
  8. Widgets | Android Developers

    Control widgets. The main purpose of a control widget is to display often used functions that the user can trigger right from the home screen without having to open ...
  9. Download Windows Widgets - sorted by last update descending

    A handy and reliable application that allows you to seamlessly connect to your eBay account to search a...
  10. Widgets | Define Widgets at Dictionary.com

    Factories take time to build, and can carry on cranking out widgets for years. Moreover, the production of these widgets is not closely related to the number of local ...
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  2. Widgets

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  3. Computer Desktop Widgets

    View Computer Desktop Widgets on Ask.com. Try our New Search Results!
  4. Stock Widget

    Find Expert Information. Stock Widget on About.com.
  5. Yahoo Widgets

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  6. Shop Widgets

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