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  1. Types of Penguins - PenguinWorld.com

    the wonderful world of penguins, ... Types of Penguin / Index of Species / Home; Types of Penguin. Index of Species; Map; Aptenodytes; Eudyptes; Eudyptula; Megadyptes;
  2. Gentoo penguin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As the gentoo penguin waddles along on land, ... They are the fastest underwater swimming penguins, reaching speeds of 36 km/h (22 mph).
  3. Types of Penguins - Penguin Facts and Information

    Types of Penguins. Penguin Species Index. Penguin Species There is some debate out there when it comes to the various species of penguins. Many experts will tell you ...
  4. Types of Penguins - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    Types of Penguins: photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud ... Adélies are the fastest growing penguins, but only one chick survives. Return To Index of Penguins.
  5. Types of Penguins - Birds Flight – All about Birds for Kids

    Among all the different types of penguins widely known, emperor penguin is the ...
  6. Which Is The Fastest Type Of Penguin - Search

    Find all the information for Which Is The Fastest Type Of Penguin from secure and virus free sources. Protect your search experience with safesearch.net.
  7. What type of penguin swims the fastest - Answers.com

    Front crawl is the fastest swimming stroke in swimming. According to world record times, at every distance in international competition, the order of swimming stroke ...
  8. What Is a Penguin? - About.com Home

    Discussion of penguin characteristics that make these birds unique, ... Types of Penguins. ... Get the best of About Home in your inbox.
  9. KidZone Penguin Facts

    ... the species have nicknames which can cause people to think there are more than 17 species (for example the Little penguin is also known as the Blue ...
  10. Penguins | Basic Facts About Penguins | Defenders of Wildlife

    ... range, behavior and other fascinating facts about penguins. Penguins are aquatic, flightless birds that are highly adapted to life in the water.