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  1. VIETNAM Campaigns - U.S. Army Center Of Military History

    This campaign was mainly concerned with the Allied ... The U.S. continued to reduce its ground presence in South Vietnam during late 1971 and early ...
  2. www.airasron37.org

    VS-37 made two cruises with S-2D versions and three Vietnam War cruises with S-2E versions during ... returning home 6 July 1971. * VS-37 made another WESTPAC cruise ...
  3. 1971 in the Vietnam War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    February February 8 – March 20, 1971. The Battle of Ban Dong was a major battle of the Vietnam War that took place in Laos, involving the North and South Vietnamese ...
  4. Other Flying Squadron : VB, VP , VR, VS, & etc.

    ... Vietnam. The squadron received ... as well as the Vietnam Service Medal and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal for service in Vietnam. ... EP-3E ARIES July 1971 -
  5. Vietnam Campaign Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Vietnam Campaign Medal (Vietnamese: Chiến Dịch Bội Tinh) is a military campaign medal that was awarded by the South Vietnamese government.
  6. Viking Squadrons and Wings - Viking Association Inc

    They have been awarded eight Battle Efficiency "E" awards and numerous other campaign ... the coast of Vietnam. On 1 March 1971, ... 1971, the squadron ...
  7. Vietnam Combat Campaign Service Replacement Certificate

    Vietnam Defense Campaign: from Mar 08 1965 to Dec 24 1965 ... Consolidation II: from Dec 01 1971 to Mar 29 1972 Vietnam Cease Fire: from Mar 30 1972 to Mar 28 1973
  8. Vietnam Service Medal | Military BlogMedals Of America

    Get the history, criteria and overview of the Vietnam Service Medal from Medals of America. Also get your replacement medal here. Always new!
  9. US Offensives in Vietnam

    US Offensives Offensives and Named Campaigns VIETNAM WAR. Advisory, 15 March 1962 - 7 March 1965 During this period, direct U.S. involvement in the Vietnam ...
  10. Factsheets : Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

    Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, Served for 6 months in South Vietnam 1 Mar 61 and 28 Mar 73; and who served a minimum of 60 calendar days in Vietnam during 29 Jan ...