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  1. Postage Price Calculator

    Postage Price Calculator from the U.S.Postal Service. Domestic and INternational Retail Prices.
  2. Current USPS Postage Rate Charts - simple tables

    Simple postage charts -- current rates. Bottom & links. POSTAGE RATES . ... Aerograms / Air Letter Sheets are discontinued by the postal service of the United States. .
  3. Current Postage Rates | Postal Rates 2015 | How Much Is A Stamp?

    Postage rates for postal services, the most current rates. Find what the current price of a stamp is, how much it costs to send letters, and size/weight limits.
  4. Us Postal Rates Chart - Best Prices 2015

    Prices 2015 - Us Postal Rates Chart, Postage price calculator, Postage price calculator from the u.s.postal service. domestic and international retail prices..
  5. Stamps.com - 2014 Postage Rate Increase, New US Postal Rate ...

    Postage Rate Increase NEW! Info on the September 2014 Price Updates to USPS Priority Mail. On Sunday, September 7, 2014, the U.S. Postal Service ® will be adjusting ...
  6. Welcome | USPS

    Welcome to USPS.com. Find information on our most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services. Use our quick tools to find locations, calculate prices ...
  7. PostalChart.com - New USPS Postage Rate Charts for September ...

    Full-color quick reference charts and cards with USPS postage rates for the new January 26, 2014 mailing services rates.
  8. 2014 POSTAL RATE CHART - Pitney Bowes

    2014 POSTAL RATE CHART See orange highlighted pricing to see how your meter saves you money! Metered Stamps/ Retail First-Class Mail - Letters 1 Oz $0.48 $0.49
  9. DMM Notice 123 Price List - USPS - Postal Explorer

    Some Post Offices may have Priority Mail Express Flat Rate ... Postal Explorer at pe.usps.com and click on “Domestic” under Price Calculators. For zone charts, ...
  10. 2014 Postal Rates - Your pocket Guide to Postal Prices - USPS ...

    Print the 2014 Postal Rate Guide and keep it handy. This guide offers easy access to popular First-Class™ and Priority Mail® postal rates. For more First-Class ...
  1. Ship with Regional Rates

    Print labels online. Low cost for packages with short trips.
  2. Usps Flat Rate

    Search for Usps Flat Rate. Find Expert Advice on About.com.
  3. US Postal Address Change

    Fast & Secure Change of Address with Post Office. Easy Mail Forwarding.
  4. Mail Auto Insurance

    Get Mail Auto Insurance Quotes in 3 Min. Save up to $600 Now!
  5. Us Postal Rate Chart

    Us Postal Rate Chart. Discover and Explore on Ask.com!
  6. Us Postage Current Rate

    Looking for Us Postage Current Rate? Find Info and Compare Results Now.