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  1. Detecting surface contamination with UV blacklights

    Reveal invisible contamination on apparently ... Provides information to help employers meet their legal obligations for the safe use of UV light in the ...
  2. Detecting hydrocarbon contamination with UV blacklights

    The smallest amount of hydrocarbon contamination ... UV light irradiation area; UV light intensity; Ambient light levels; Process integration; 35W Blacklight UV Torch.

    Black Light Stain Detector: Instantly see organic contamination like urine stains, mould and other organic stains that the naked eye cannot detect.
  4. Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn ...

    Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; ... Tags: Ebola contamination, Xenex, ultraviolet light. Most Viewed Articles. Today | Week | Month | Year.
  5. Water Contaminants | Microorganisms, organic & inorganic ...

    ... some levels of contamination are considered safe. ... High-end UV light purifiers can kill ... Organic Contaminants . A long list of organic chemicals, ...
  6. What is Organic Contamination And How To Remove It

    Removing Organic Contamination Organic contaminants include pesticides, ... Water Quality Indicator Lights: ... Ultraviolet Sterilizers:
  7. UV Light for Processing Foods - Welcome! | International ...

    Ultraviolet light (UV) light holds considerable promise in food processing as an ... contamination (Doulia et al. 2000). UV light has ... organic solutes and ...
  8. Black-Light-Mold-Germ-Detection - Environmental Hygienist

    Black Light Stain Detector: Instantly see organic contamination like urine stains, ... Ultraviolet light is a natural component of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  9. Biological Contaminant Removal | Small Systems Treatment ...

    Biological Contaminant ... Ultraviolet Light ... The UV/O3 system achieved the highest removal rates for bacterial contamination. The UV/O3 disinfection ...
  10. Introduction to Use of UV Light For the Control of Air ...

    How Does UV Light Disinfect? As organic contaminants come into view of the ... which then grow and spread the contamination down the ductwork and into the ...
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