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  1. Is it normal for two straight guys masturbating together?

    Like everyone has said the dad and son thing is wrong. However young guys in their teens often do experiment with each other. I worked with some other guys ...
  2. Guys Together: About the site | Guys Together

    Guys Together is a site for thinking about close male relationships. Specifically, friends, brothers, roommates. I’ve been thinking in particular about what happens ...
  3. Is it normal for two straight guys to masturbate together?

    Well I hear about guys doing this a lot but never heard about it with someone of your age. But it could be straight and it could be a little gay, it kind ...
  4. Guys Together - Tumblr

    Because guys are hot. Please feel free to submit lots of pics of your pretty selves :) Guys Together. Home; Archive; Random; RSS; Mobile; Ask me anything; Submit;
  5. Guys Together | Exploring male friendship

    How to seduce a straight guy; See each other naked? Why not strip? ... Guys Together Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. The Contempt Theme.
  6. Is masturbation between straight guys bad

    I looked up at him and I was taken aback by this handsome straight guys hand out waiting for my ticket. Specifically as they don’t know about my own small secret.