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  1. Software plus services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Software plus services combines hosted services with locally running software in a variation on cloud computing. Such composite applications combine traditional ...
  2. Software Plus Services - Webopedia

    This page describes the term Software Plus Services: a Microsoft philosophy for the company's on-premises software offerings with cloud-based remote computing ...
  3. Software-plus-Services | Online Services | Microsoft Dynamics ERP

    With Software-plus-Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP you can make cloud computing a flexible component of your ERP solution—on your terms.
  4. Service Manager Plus | SM+ | Task Management Software

    Service Manager Plus is the leading provider of Field Service management software and Task Management Software for every size of field service business.
  5. Microsoft: Beyond 'Software Plus Services' - Businessweek

    Microsoft will join the cloud computing crowd with its Azure Web operating system. Are blue skies ahead?
  6. Software plus Services - SlideShare

    My Software plus services presentation at the Australia Partner Conference
  7. Engagement Models | Professional Services | xRM

    xRM offers three professional service engagement models to meet your business needs.
  8. Microsoft's software-plus-services disinformation | ZDNet

    Microsoft's software-plus-services disinformation. Summary: Microsoft's FUD around software-plus-services is deliberately muddling up two very different things.
  9. Software Plus | We Provide Computer Integrated Solutions

    Software Plus is a private software development organization operating since 1989. We have expertise in developing customized software systems for specialized needs ...
  10. Exchange Online—Evaluating Software-plus-Services

    The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) Guide for Microsoft Exchange Online—Evaluating Software-plus-Services is a new type of IPD guide written to help you ...