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  1. Revel Performa B15 Subwoofer B15 Priced for quick sale, all ...

    Revel Performa B15 Subwoofer B15 Priced for quick sale, all boxed up! in Home theater - Subwoofers on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community
  2. SoundStage! Equipment Review - Revel Performa B15 Subwoofer ...

    The Revel Performa B15 is a longstanding promise fulfilled. And while this subwoofer is not exactly new -- it’s been on the market for a couple of years -- it ...
  3. Revel Performa B15a Powered Subwoofer | Subwoofers ...

    Revel Performa B15a Powered Subwoofer in Home theater - Subwoofers from Arlington, Virginia 22202 on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community
  4. Revel B15 Subwoofer - AVRev.com - Home Theater Reviews, Home ...

    The Revel B15 sub is the first subwoofer from Madrigal’s Revel speaker line in their comparatively affordable Performa series.
  5. Revel Performa B15 Subwoofer

    REVEL PERFORMA B15 subwoofer(s) will produce an optimum combined response. ... A copy of the original bill of sale will serve to verify warranty status.
  6. Used revel b15 for Sale | Hifi Shark, Second Hand Hifi Insight

    Used Revel b15 for sale on 100+ second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability
  7. Product Review - HomeTheaterHiFi.com

    Product Review : Revel F50, C50, S30 Speakers and B15 Subwoofer. April, 2004. Sumit Chawla
  8. Revel by Harman - Revel

    Revel designs and produces innovative, no-compromise, high-end stereo and surround audio speakers that expand the art of luxury home sound reproduction.
  9. Revel B15 Subwoofers reviews - Audioreview.com

    Subwoofers are usally designed to excel in either music or home theater applications, but rarely in both. That's why the Revel B15 is such a revolutionary product.
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