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    Thank you for visiting my website. I am a Professional Disciplinarian located in Northern New Jersey experienced in providing the type of traditional Corporal ...

    Please be advised that this site contains adult content related to Adult Spanking and IS NOT suitable for all viewers! website updated 2/1/2014
  3. Madeline Rommely Adult Disciplinarianstillsmarts@gmail.com - Home

    Madeline Rommely Adult Disciplinarian stillsmarts@gmail.com: Home; About; Pricing and Options; Expectations; Schedule; Links; Returning to Chicago! I will be ...
  4. Julia Jameson - Professional Disciplinarian - Reocities

    Julia Jameson - Professional Disciplinarian Ms. Vanna - Professional Disciplinarian Real corporeal punishment videos of Ms. Julia Jameson and Ms. Vanna in action ...
  5. About Me - Adult Discipline Counsellor & Roleplay

    I am Ms. Raine, a professional Disciplinarian with over 15 years' personal & professional experience in corporal punishment & roleplay. I administer discipline ...
  6. Disciplinarian | Define Disciplinarian at Dictionary.com

    noun 1. a person who enforces or advocates discipline: The teacher was a formidable disciplinarian. adjective 2. disciplinary.
  7. Strict Disciplinarian

    The following webpages contains mature content. This content includes BDSM, violence, language, and slight nudity. You have been warned!!!.
  8. Disciplinarian - definition of disciplinarian by The Free ...

    Define disciplinarian. disciplinarian synonyms, disciplinarian pronunciation, disciplinarian translation, ... medical, or any other professional. ...
  9. roboverherknee

    I received my judicial punishment yesterday at the hands of a professional disciplinarian who said on her website that this was one of her specialties.
  10. Jennifer

    My visit to see Miss Jennifer for the first time started out with a lot of traffic as I left about two hours before my time to visit with her.