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  1. Pine Straw Store - Pine Straw To Your Door - 1800-PINESTRAW

    ... Pine Needles / Pine Straw Mulch in Illinois IL, Pine Needles / Pine Straw Mulch in Indiana IN ... Pine Straw Mulch in Virginia VA , Washington WA , ...
  2. Pine Needle Mulch North Wales | Products - Cedar Run Landscapes

    Call us today to place an order on our quality pine needle mulch. ... ~ Michael D. from Fort Washington. ... Pine needle Mulch: Longleaf pine needles, ...
  3. Pine Straw Store - Pine Straw Facts

    What is pine straw mulch? Pine straw is a pine needle that has fallen from a pine tree. Pine needles are used in flower beds as a ground cover for landscaping.
  4. Pine Straw Direct - pine straw mulch from our forest direct ...

    We Ship Pine Straw (Pine Needles and Pinestraw) Mulch To You. Small or Large Quantities. ... Our pine straw bales are compressed for shipping, ...
  5. How to Mulch a Garden with Pine Needles | eHow

    The Uses of Pine Needle Mulch. Pine needles are an increasingly popular choice for mulch in landscapes and gardens. Also called pine straw, ...
  6. pine needle mulch - Pennsylvania Gardening Forum - GardenWeb

    If you have the resources to pay a good bit you can get a tractor trailer load from southern companies Pine straw direct is ... I got my pine needle mulch from Cedar ...
  7. Home & Garden | Putting pine needles to work as mulch ...

    Q: Do pine needles make good winter mulch, or will they change the acidity of the soil? A: Pine needles make an excellent organic winter mulch. Thanks to ...
  8. Pine Needle Mulch - Pennsylvania Gardening Forum - GardenWeb

    I never got voles in 2 areas where I used the pine needles. One area I used pine bark and pine needle mulch I had moles, mice or voles.
  9. Pine Needle Mulch

    Pine needle mulch, which is also known as pine straw, is a popular landscaping mulch. ... What is Pine Needle Mulch and why is it Useful? Simply put, ...
  10. Pine Needle Mulch for Gardens — Favorite Perennials

    Pine needle mulch is a less ... to the large pine trees on the lawn and so that first ... in using the pine needles, and using pine needle mulch is ...
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