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  1. Hash House Bikers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hash House Bikers (also known as Bike Hashers, or Bashers) is an international group of non-competitive bicycling, social and drinking clubs. An event organized by a ...
  2. Pedalfiles Hash House Harriers

    Pedalfiles hash is a non-sanctioned bicycle hash, therefore no helmets are required. You must sport a whisle for trail and no racing clothing is allowed.
  3. bike hash

    Home of the Florida Bike Hash House Harriers. We are drinking clubs with a Mountain Biking problem! A typical bike hash involves one or two members (Hares ...
  4. Organizing a Bash (Bicycle Hash) | Half-Mind Weblog

    Flying Booger's Hash House Harrier Blog. Comments Posts . Half-Mind Weblog. A Hash House Harrier weblog by Flying Booger, ... Organizing a Bash (Bicycle Hash)
  5. Half-Mind - Hash Regional Directory

    Pedalfiles Bike H3 updated: Sep 17 2013 ip last update: Dead? ... HASH SCHEDULE (note: DST=Daylight Saving Time/ST=Standard Time) We Hash:
  6. Half-Mind Weblog - Gang of Six™ Productions

    Half-Mind Weblog. A Hash House Harrier ... After I bitched about people not volunteering to hare, two bashers stepped forward to put on a Pedalfiles Bike Hash trail ...
  7. List Hash Contacts: - Half-mind.com | Hash House Harriers

    Pedalfiles Bike H3 [show kennel by ... mixed. Road and mountain bike friendly. A to A all ability ride,No fee, $ for beer ... Rides announced on website & local hash ...
  8. Hash Songs | Surf City Hash House Harriers

    A Songbook for Hash House Harriers “Shocking! Disgusting! ... By Flying Booger, for the Pedalfiles Bike Hash. Dear mom your son is dead, he met his match today,
  9. Bike Hash (Singapore ) - Welcome!

    Welcome to the Bike Hash (Singapore) The World's First! Details of your next ride are given below. Please follow the links to get accurate map information for the ...
  10. Hashtag Bikes (#Bikes)

    Indianapolis' friendliest bike shop with hardware from Kona and Foundry and all the components, accessories and gear you could want. Hashtag Bikes, Let's Go Ride! #Bikes