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  1. Hash House Bikers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hash House Bikers (also known as Bike Hashers, or Bashers) is an international group of non-competitive bicycling, social and drinking clubs. An event organized by a ...
  2. Pedalfiles Hash House Harriers

    Pedalfiles hash is a non-sanctioned bicycle hash, therefore no helmets are required. You must sport a whisle for trail and no racing clothing is allowed.
  3. bike hash

    Home of the Florida Bike Hash House Harriers. We are drinking clubs with a Mountain Biking problem! A typical bike hash involves one or two members (Hares ...
  4. Organizing a Bash (Bicycle Hash) | Half-Mind Weblog

    Organizing a Bash (Bicycle Hash) Note: ... The Wheelhoppers Bike Hash in Atlanta was founded in 1992, ... come ride with the Pedalfiles.
  5. Half-Mind - Hash Regional Directory

    Pedalfiles Bike H3 updated: Sep 17 2013 ip last update: Dead? ... HASH SCHEDULE (note: DST=Daylight Saving Time/ST=Standard Time) We Hash:
  6. List Hash Contacts: - Half-mind.com | Hash House Harriers

    Pedalfiles Bike H3 [show kennel by ... mixed. Road and mountain bike friendly. A to A all ability ride,No fee, $ for beer ... Rides announced on website & local hash ...
  7. Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 5/17/15 | Half-Mind Weblog

    Monthly ride report of the Pedalfiles Bicycle Hash House Harriers
  8. Hash Songs | Surf City Hash House Harriers

    A Songbook for Hash House Harriers “Shocking! Disgusting! ... By Flying Booger, for the Pedalfiles Bike Hash. Dear mom your son is dead, he met his match today,
  9. Hashtag Bikes (#Bikes)

    Indianapolis' friendliest bike shop with hardware from Kona and Scott and all the components, accessories and gear you could want. Hashtag Bikes, Let's Go Ride! #Bikes
  10. Bike Hash (Singapore ) - Welcome!

    Welcome to the Bike Hash (Singapore) The World's First! Details of your next ride are given below. Please follow the links to get accurate map information for the ...