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  1. Paltalk Support - Bans from rooms or the system as a whole

    What is a ban? A 'ban' is a more permanent restriction from a particular chat room. This 'ban' will not expire for at least 30 days and will only restrict you from ...
  2. Paltalk Support - Bans and restrictions on the system as a whole

    If you get banned. If you get banned you should know that most bans are temporary if you are a first time offender. Most Paltalk bans have a 'timeout' and ...
  3. Paltalk Support -

    Use this form to inquire about Paltalk bans or restrictions. Please note that we cannot help you with bouncing or banning issues from individual user run chat rooms.

    download one of the ban removers - run it. 1.clear the reg of paltalk shit 2.change volume id 3.computer info (company/owner/pro Id) 4.mac address 5.xp serial if u ...
  5. Paltalk Ban Remover - Paltalk

    This a new ban remover by X-EaStSiDeBoY-X, it an take you of paltalk bans with some other changes you can check on the forums for that :) Download Paltalk
  6. Paltalk Bans - Tripod.com

    under construction if there is a ban you can't find on here it is because i havent added it yet, if you do get a ban which isnt ...
  7. Room Bans and Admin Bans - Tripod.com

    But remember you will not be able to admin on the same nickname that you got banned on as that name is banned on paltalk server.
  8. Free paltalk ban downloads

    Paltalk Password Recovery will help you recover the login and password information saved in Paltalk, PaltalkScene and SuperIM. This tool will also recover other ...
  9. Paltalk Tips and Tricks - Hardpunkrocks Hell on Earth Inc

    Paltalk Bans: There is a lot off different bans you can be given and not all red admins can give the same bans, all the info below was found by us by getting ...
  10. Paltalk Anti Ban 2013 - YouTube

    Download ^_^ http://www.4shared.com/rar/8VEh_sU5/Anti_Ban_Paltalk_v_Pro.html? -- - - http://www.2shared.com/file/GlMrTgKQ/Anti_Ban_Paltalk_v_Pro.html?