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  1. Linking to Other Pages - PageResource.com - The Web Design ...

    How to link to other documents in HTML. ... All right, it's time to learn how to link to another page. So let's start out by seeing what tag we use for linking:
  2. HTML Class: Creating Links to Other Pages

    Just how do you create a link to another website? Read this tutorial for beginning web developers, written in an easy-to-understand format so you will be creating ...
  3. HTML Links - W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

    Links are found in nearly all web pages. Links allow users to click their way from page to page. ... It can be an HTML image or any other HTML element.
  4. How to link to other pages in HTML. - YouTube

    How to link to other pages in HTML. - YouTube ... YouTube home
  5. Internal Links : How to Link Your Web Pages Together

    There are internal links that link your own web pages and files together, and external links which link your pages to other web sites. This page covers Internal Links.
  6. Linking to Pages Within Your Website

    Lesson 2: Linking to Pages Within Your Website Overview. In the previous lesson you learned that a web address (URL) consists of various parts.
  7. Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure : Other Links

    KY Approved HIV/AIDS Education Courses, Cabinet for Health Services; American Board of Medical Specialties; Kentucky Medical Association; National Practitioner Data Bank
  8. Linking to other pages on your website - Home and Learn

    Linking to other Web Pages . ... So, we have a web page in the HTML folder and a web page in the pages folder. We now need to link them together.
  9. How to Link HTML Web Pages Together | eHow

    Linking HTML Web pages together is a simple process in which you create "hyper" links on your Web page. Using the "anchor" tag, you can link internal pages, contained ...
  10. How to Link to Pictures, Web Pages and Other Files on Your ...

    How to make pictures and words into clickable links that point to other images, files, web pages or even other websites with the Dreamweaver web editor
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