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  1. Who has the oldest truck still working - TruckersReport

    I was wondering who has the oldest truck here that is still on the road working. Picturs would be great. Has the fuel mpg increasted over the years with all the ...
  2. Oldest trucks on the road - TruckersReport

    What is the oldest working truck you see or know of on the road?? I know of a guy in iowa that runs a 1979 A model kenworth with a bigcam cummins with twin turbos and ...
  3. Who is the oldest truck driver ? | ChaCha

    Who is the oldest truck driver? ChaCha Answer: At 90, Joe Rocha, a commercial truck driver, is believed to be the oldest currently em...
  4. The Best Trucks on the Road - MSN Autos

    The Best Trucks on the Road. More Outlook.com. Mobile; Bing AUTOS. Bing Search | | | | | HOME; NEW CARS ... Oldest. Best. Worst.
  5. Old Time Trucks Magazine

    Old Trucks Are Fun. ... Old Time Trucks® magazine focuses primarily on heavy duty, over the road, classic trucks made in North America.
  6. How many 20 year old Chevy's still on the road?

    I wouldnt be scared to say theres way over 10 million 20 year old or older chevys still on the road and ... I still see cars/trucks as old as 1975 or so ...
  7. trucks world news: TRUCKER'S STORY * USA - The oldest ...

    TRUCKER'S STORY * USA - The oldest commercial truck driver on the road in California
  8. Oldest Truck still on the road - Nissan Forum

    Okay who has the oldest Nissan truck still on the road? Wonder if my 1986 1/2 (half year, first hardbody) is anywhere close?
  9. Forcing truck drivers into retirement | Ask The Trucker

    ... I would estimate that the average age of the current over the road truck driver would come in around 52.4 ... When is a professional truck driver too old to drive?