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  1. Asian-Archive - Tumblr

    The most organized non nude asian girl blog on all of tumblr.
  2. Asian Girls Everywhere! - Tumblr

    This is simply a blog dedicated to gorgeous and beautiful Asian girls. Feel free to submit photos and ask questions! NOTE: I do not own any of these photos. They are ...
  3. Asian Muscle Girls - Tumblr

    Muscular Asian women, bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and athletes.
  4. Truly beautiful women - Tumblr

    Truly beautiful women. Archive; Subscribe; ... Photo reblogged from Nude and Beauties with 66 notes Source: newsmemo. 28th July 2011. Photo reblogged from melc with ...
  5. Perfect Asians - Tumblr

    Pictures of beautiful perfect Asian teens/girls from around the world. I follow back
  6. Chinese Girls - Tumblr

    One type of popular Chinese blogs in English language are the ones which translate news or just funny stories found anywhere else on the net from Chinese to English.
  7. Muscular Asian Women - Tumblr

    A showcase of the unique aesthetic of muscular Asian women.