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  1. Case Methodology - Clarkson University

    Merck Case − Facts River blindness was a wide-spread problem in ... Merck Case − Utilitarianism Sum benefits and consequences across all stakeholders and chose ...
  2. Rule utilitarianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Rule utilitarianism is a form of utilitarianism that says an action is right as it conforms to a rule that leads to the greatest good, or that "the rightness or ...
  3. C

    Using the case of Merck & Co. and river blindness ... DeGeorge, 1995; Donaldson, Werhane, and Cording, 2002), utilitarianism, ... give a decision rule that says ...
  4. Web - River Blindness Supported By Merck Is Rule Utilitarian

    Web search results for River Blindness Supported By Merck Is Rule Utilitarian from Omiga Plus.
  5. An Analysis of Ethics in Pharmaceutical Advertising-The Vioxx ...

    ... and maintaining compliance to government rules and regulations, all ... The approval of Merck’s Vioxx lead to fierce competition in the analgesic market, going
  6. Merck Case | Researchomatic

    Merck case Introduction The philosophies by Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham have attempted to discuss and explore several deep aspects of ethics in corporate world.
  7. Phl 323 Merck And River Blindness Alternatives Week 5 Free Essays

    Free Essays on Phl 323 Merck And River Blindness Alternatives Week 5 for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - 30.
  8. Merck and River Blindness - Scribd - Read Unlimited Books

    Merck and River Blindness - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free.
  9. Vioxx - Research Paper

    Case Study Analysis 1: Vioxx and Celebrex. My name is Ray Gilmartin, and I am the CEO of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufactures, Merck.
  10. Rule-Utilitarianism

    Instead of looking at the consequences of a particular act, rule-utilitarianism determines rightness by finding the value of following a particular rule