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  1. Medical abbreviations, jargon and terms used by doctors in ...

    List of common medical abbreviations doctors use in medical records and medical charts helping you decipher doctor reports.
  2. List of medical abbreviations: O - Wikipedia, the free ...

    List of medical abbreviations: O. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ... Abbreviation Meaning; o: Nothing [ō—letter o with overbar] O 2: oxygen: OA ...

    “RUANE ATTORNEYS MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS CHART” © RUANE ATTORNEYS 2010 - N - N&V- nausea & vomiting Na- sodium NaCl- sodium chloride NAD – no apparent distress
  4. medical chart abbreviations - Docstoc.com

    Selected Chart Abbreviations Chapter 2 – Health Care Records – Medical Terminology a.c. before meals (ante cibum) P ...
  5. Medical Acronyms, Abbreviations and Symbols

    1 Medical Acronyms, Abbreviations and Symbols Each facility will have a list of approved acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols.
  6. MediLexicon - Medical Dictionary, Medical Abbreviations and ...

    Medical Dictionaries, Drugs & Medical Searches. MediLexicon contains medical searches, news and resources for medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals.
  7. Abbreviations Used in Medical Records | eHow

    Abbreviations are commonly used in medical records to save time and space when writing medical information in a patient's medical record, file or for prescriptions.
  8. Medical Chart Abbreviations flashcards | Quizlet

    140 terms · abduction → abd, adduction → add, above the elbow → AE, above the elbow amputation → AEA, above the knee amputation → AKA, Acetylsalicyalic ...
  9. Medical abbreviations, charting - CNA flashcards | Quizlet

    84 terms · abd → abdomen, ac → before meals, ad lib → as desired; if the patient ..., ADL → Activities of Daily Living, AKA → Above the Knee Amputation, AM ...
  10. Medical Abbreviations and Pharmaceutical Abbreviations Dictionary

    Searchable database of pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical abbreviations and acronyms.
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