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  1. Long-billed corella - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The long-billed corella (Cacatua tenuirostris), or slender-billed corella is a cockatoo native to Australia, which is similar in appearance to the little corella and ...
  2. Long-billed Corella | BIRDS in BACKYARDS - Welcome to Birds ...

    The Long-billed Corella is a medium-sized white cockatoo with a short crest (not always visible) and short tail, stocky body and a distinctive long upper mandible to ...
  3. Long-billed corella | Cockatoo-info.com

    The Long-billed corella is a cockatoo species from Australia with a very long thin beak. This corella species is white with some pink spots and can be a pet.
  4. Long- or Slender-billed Corella or Slender-billed Cockatoos

    Long- or Slender-billed Corella or Slender-billed Cockatoos: Origin, description, photos, pets, training, breeding, care
  5. Amazon.com: Long billed corella

    Product Description Funny I Love Long-billed Corellas T shirt I Heart Long-billed Corellas Tee
  6. Long-billed Corella | Zoos Victoria - Victoria Zoo and Park

    Our Long-billed Corellas, with its long beak, red-pink markings and curious grey-blue eye ring, is a favourite of visitors to Healesville Sanctuary.
  7. Long-billed Corella (Cacatua tenuirostris)

    A Long-billed Corella was first spotted by us in Tuggerah NR near Wyong, NSW Central Coast, in June 2011. At this location they are introduced.
  8. Long-billed Corella - Pictures and facts - Birds ...

    Long-billed Corella The Long-billed Corella is a monotypic species. It is one of several related species of Cockatoo called Corellas and classified in the subgenus ...
  9. Long-billed Corella | Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains

    The Long-billed Corella has a short cap-like crest, however this is usually folded. Can form large noisy groups displaying acrobatic feats while climbing on external ...
  10. Long-billed Corella - Oiseaux-Birds

    Long-billed Corella Cacatua tenuirostris. Psittaciforme Order – Cacatuidae Family. BIOMETRICS : Length : 38 à 41 cm Wingspan : 80 à 90 cm Weight : 565 à 640 g