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  1. Logarithm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Change of base . The logarithm log b (x) can be computed from the logarithms of x and b with respect to an arbitrary base k using the following formula:
  2. Remote Access and Remote Desktop Software for Your Computer ...

    Logmein website.Users worldwide rely on LogMeIn solutions for remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration and on-demand ...
  3. Log | Define Log at Dictionary.com

    Also called well log. a record kept during the drilling of a well, especially of the geological formations penetrated.
  4. LogHome.com – Your Guide to Log Homes and Log Cabins.

    LogHome.com – Your Guide to Log Homes and Log Cabins. Here you will find a wealth of information to help you research your dream home.
  5. Log into Facebook | Facebook

    Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.
  6. Log | Definition of log by Merriam-Webster

    Definition of LOG. 1: a usually bulky piece or length of a cut or fallen tree; especially: a length of a tree trunk ready for sawing and over six feet (1.8 meters) long
  7. Explore Your Activity Log | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

    Your activity log is a tool that lets you review and manage what you share on Facebook. To get to your activity log, click in the top-right corner of a Facebook page ...
  8. Logarithms: Introduction to "The Relationship"

    On the left-hand side above is the exponential statement "y = b x". On the right-hand side above, "log b (y) = x" is the equivalent ...
  9. Log - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Log, LOG, or LoG may refer to: A cut tree trunk, the main wooden axis of a tree Logarithm, the mathematical operation that is the inverse of exponentiation, or the ...
  10. Basic Log Rules / Expanding Log Expressions - Purplemath

    Expanding logarithms. Log rules can be used to simplify expressions, to "expand" expressions, or to solve for values. Expand log 3 (2x)