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  1. lens made by perkin elmer

    This is an midair camera lens complete by The Perkin Elmer Corporation, manufacturer of the Hubble Space Telescope. If you are looking to make one of the best ...
  2. perkin elmer lens | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...

    13 results for perkin elmer lens Save search. Shipping to: 98052 : Did ...

    HUGE PERKIN ELMER 36" F/4.0 AERIAL CAMERA LENS (select photo for larger views)
  4. Who created the hubble telescope lens?

    The Hubble Telescope is a reflector, not a refractor, so it's main light-gathering element is a concave mirror, not a lens. This was made by Perkin-Elmer ...
  5. Perkin-Elmer 600mm solid cat. lens Photo Gallery by Oly Olson ...

    Oly Olson: 12-May-2012 07:40: I think Perkin-Elmer made several lenses like this one, which happens to be in f/8. I don't use it much, but I'm still amazed at what an ...
  6. Perkin Elmer 6inch F50 Lens - Just Fur Fun

    Perkin-Elmer 6" F50 LENS . This lens has a very long focus, compared to a regular refractor lens. ... Lens shown mounted in the cell I made.
  7. Perkin-Elmer - Camera-wiki.org - The free camera encyclopedia

    Strange Perkin-Elmer lenses from this era are frequently found from military surplus vendors and online auction websites.
  8. Huge Perkin Elmer 36 034 F 4 0 Aerial Camera Lens | eBay

    HUGE PERKIN ELMER 36" F/4.0 AERIAL CAMERA LENS in Cameras & Photo, Lenses & Filters, Lenses | eBay
  9. Perkin Elmer - Home | PerkinElmer

    Provides technology, services and solutions for applications such as environmental monitoring, food safety, clinical diagnostics and biomedical research.
  10. 800mm Perkin Elmer Mirror Lens - FM Forums

    Few of you have probably ever seen Lens. It and its sibling 600mm are considered to be the finest catidioptric lens ever made. New it sold for about $900.