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  1. Carlow Workhouse - RootsWeb

    This photo of Carlow Workhouse was taken pre 1970 when the grounds were
  2. Carlow Workhouse During The Famine Years - RootsWeb

    Thomas Vice Chairman of the Board of Guardians, Carlow Union Workhouse Kilkenny Road . 7. Davies Robert Clerk, Carlow Union Workhouse Kilkenny Road 8.
  3. The Workhouse in Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny

    Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny [Bibliography] Kilkenny House of Industry. The building of a House of Industry in Kilkenny was proposed in 1787 as a place "where the old and ...
  4. Plan of Carlow Union Workhouse 1873 - Ask About Ireland

    A plan of Carlow Union Workhouse can be found on sheet 25 of the Ordnance Survey maps of Carlow Town. The survey was completed in 1873 and zincographed in 1875 under ...
  5. The Workhouse in Carlow, Co. Carlow

    Carlow, Co. Carlow [Bibliography] Carlow Poor Law Union was formally declared on the 15th September 1840 and covered an area of 280 square miles.
  6. The Kilkenny Workhouse - Ask About Ireland

    Kilkenny Workhouse, aerial view. Aerial view of the Kilkenny Workhouse complex pictured in the 1960. Donated by Karyn Deegan used with permission
  7. The Old Union Workhouse, Kilkenny Road, Carlow where Carlow ...

    The Old Union Workhouse, Kilkenny Road, Carlow where Carlow Vocational School now stands
  8. Kilkenny Workhouse, MacDonagh Junction, Famine Skeletal Remains

    The Kilkenny Workhouse was built in 1840 on the lands of J.B. Brien to combat poverty in the City area, opening its doors in 1842
  9. Kilkenny Union Workhouse - 1842 - Kilkenny Education Centre

    Kilkenny Workhouse was built to house 1,200 people. The Kilkenny Poor Law Union was one of the largest in Ireland. It was responsible for the