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  1. Hungary - Environmental Problems

    Country Listing. Hungary Table of Contents. Hungary Environmental Problems. Rapid industrialization and the priority of plan fulfillment over environmental concerns ...
  2. Environmental Issues - Land and Resources - Hungary - Europe

    Land and Resources, Environmental Issues. Rapid industrialization in Hungary contributed significantly to a number of major environmental problems, including air ...
  3. Environmental Problems in Hungary - OSA Archivum

    HUNGARY/10 23 May 1972 ENVIRONENTAL PROBLEMS IN HUNGARY Summary: Air pollution was recognized as a serious problem in Hungary as early as 1952. During ...
  4. Major Issues - Hungary

    Environmental Problems - Air pollution was recognized as a serious problem in Hungary as early as 1952.
  5. REC: Strategic Environmental Issues, vol. 2: Hungary

    Though they did not have representatives in the parliament they were able to promote environmental issues ... pollution problem ... Hungary's environmental problems.
  6. Hungary S Pollution Problem - Search

    Find all the information for Hungary S Pollution Problem from secure and virus free sources. Protect your search experience with safesearch.net.
  7. All water life in Hungary's toxic river is dead: official

    Budapest (AFP) Oct 7, 2010 - The toxic sludge that poisoned waterways in western Hungary will have a limited impact on the country's main river, the Danube ...
  8. Environmental issues in Austria - Wikipedia, the free ...

    Pollution . Austrians continue to fight the problem of acid rain which has damaged 25% of the country’s forests. In general, environmental legislation is based on ...
  9. Water Health Educator - Issues: Europe

    Several examples of water pollution and health issues have occurred in Hungary. In a small village, the piped water contained fluoride, causing fluorosis of teeth.
  10. Hungary - University of California, Irvine

    Other uses of natural resources: ... Almost half of Hungary's ... an integrated approach to all aspects of local and transboundary air pollution problems.