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  1. Search Tools :: Add-ons for SeaMonkey

    ... News and Blogging; Search Tools; ... for SeaMonkey; Search Tools; Search Tools 3,413 add-ons. Sort by ... add an improved version of YouTube's search engine, ...
  2. Add-ons for SeaMonkey

    Welcome to SeaMonkey Add-ons. Add extra features and styles to make SeaMonkey your own. Close. On the go? Check out our Mobile ... RSS, News and Blogging; Search Tools;
  3. The SeaMonkey ® Project

    Site Map; Security Updates; About SeaMonkey; Contact Us; SeaMonkey and the SeaMonkey logo are registered trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation. Portions of this ...
  4. TOOLS - Add to Browser - Ixquick Search Engine

    You can now easily add Ixquick to your list of SeaMonkey search ... The Ixquick search engine will then appear in the drop ... active and click on "New ...
  5. SeaMonkey - set the default search engine

    News; Articles; Well being and ... [SeaMonkey]set the default search engine ... Click on the "Edit" menu > Preferences > Browser > Internet Search
  6. What's New in SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 3

    The new Add-on Manager allows to install, ... the rendering engine used in SeaMonkey, ... (launch the default search engine and search for 'queryterm') ...
  7. SeaMonkey Instructions (Page 1) - KsuWeb Home Page

    ... enter "HTML" and "tutorial" in an internet search engine ... A. Starting a New Web Page. Start the SeaMonkey software. ... In the new box, add an option to email ...
  8. TOOLS - Add to Browser - Startpage - Startpage Web Search

    You can now easily add StartPage to your list of SeaMonkey ... The StartPage search engine will then appear in the drop ... active and click on "New ...
  9. Add Search Engines for SeaMonkey 0.1.0 Free Download

    internet search engines 2.00: 297.0 KB: Freeware : Search within more than 17 best search engines at once click ,The Search Engines Software provides access to a best ...
  10. ADDING IN NEW SEARCH ENGINES • mozillaZine Forums

    Its not listed in search engines yet, the requests are full at this time, maybe some one will write one? I have never attempted to write one before, but check back okies.
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