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  1. Google Translate

    Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian ...
  2. Google Translate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Google Translate is a multilingual service provided by Google Inc. to translate written text from one language into another. It supports 90 languages.
  3. Google Translate - Android Apps on Google Play

    Break through language barriers with Google Translate. • Translate between 80 languages • Converse naturally and let Google translate • Speak, type ...
  4. Google Translate Blog

    Whether you're teaching yourself a new language or trying to make a new friend, Google Translate can be a powerful tool for crossing language barriers.
  5. Google Translate - Mashable

    over 1 year ago. You won't need Rosetta Stone -- or even the Google Translate tool -- to navigate your Google+ account anymore. Google announced a new ...
  6. Google Translate - Chrome Web Store

    View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.
  7. Client for Google Translate

    Google Translate Client is a free translator for Windows which enables the fast translation of text in the majority of applications, such as web browsers, office ...
  8. Translation Telephone

    Translation Telephone. ... This is an online version which translates the message to 20 random languages using Google Translate and finally translates it back to the ...
  9. Google Translate

    Google Translate. From detect language to...Type text or a website addres to translate a document.
  10. Inside Google Translate – Google Translate

    Inside Google Translate: Find out how our translations are created.