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  1. Reagan Roasts George Burns - Best Reagan Videos

    ... he had a good time and was a riot at this George Burns roast. For more. Best Reagan Videos ... Ronald Reagan Having Some Fun On What’s My Line.
  2. Ronald Reagan - IMDb

    Ronald Reagan is, arguably, the most successful actor in history, ... 1953 The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV Series) Ronald Reagan
  3. "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" Gracie Sees a Hold ...

    With George Burns, Gracie Allen, ... Meanwhile, George is elated about crooning some tunes at a party in Ronald Reagan's honor, but no one wants to hear him sing.
  4. George Will: Obama "The Greatest Builder Of The Republican ...

    GEORGE WILL: Barack Obama once said that he wanted to be as consequential in his own way as Ronald Reagan was. He is in this sense. He is the greatest builder of the ...
  5. WRINKLES OF TIME, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jane Wyman ...

    George Burns, Gracie Allen, Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan http://2009and-scene.blogspot ... Gracie Allen, Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan http://2009and-scene.blogspot.com ...
  6. Ronald Reagan roasts George Burns | VIDEO'S*** ROAST***TALK ...

    Ronald Reagan roasts George Burns at a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast on May 17, 1978. It had been three years since Reagan was Governor of California, and two years ...
  7. Ronald Reagan | George Burns and Gracie Allen

    Posts about Ronald Reagan written by Aaron Gardner ... Before becoming President of the United States, Ronald Reagan was an actor.
  8. The Unknowable - The New Yorker

    Ronald Reagan is inaccurately remembered as a warm man, ... the shtick of such motormouths as George Burns, Jack Benny, and the Epstein brothers.
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