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  1. List of ethnic groups in Burma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Burma (Myanmar) is an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups officially recognized by the Burmese government. These are grouped into eight "major ...
  2. Burma Issues-Ethnic Groups - Canadian Friends of Burma

    Home > Burma issue > Ethnic Groups Burma's Ethnic Minorities. Ethnic Diversity. Burma is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.
  3. Ethnic Groups - Oxford Burma Alliance

    _There are more than 135 different ethnic groups in Burma, each with its own history, culture and language. The majority Burman (Bamar) ethnic group makes up about ...
  4. Internal conflict in Burma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Kachin ethnic group of Northern Burma have fought a political struggle against the central government for regional autonomy since 1961. Ceasefires ...
  5. Ethnic Groups Seek US Support in Myanmar’s Peace Process

    Activists raise concerns over Burma’s peace process amid a growing chorus of ethnic minority voices clamoring for US President Barack Obama to address the issue.
  6. Big agenda for ethnic groups in Myanmar - Asia and the ...

    Yaw Bawm Mangshang sets out the terms for fully including ethnic minorities in Myanmar's evolving political system
  7. Ethnic Groups in Burma - ibiblio

    Ethnic Groups in Burma Development, Democracy and Human Rights Martin Smith in collaboration with Annie Allsebrook A report by Anti-Slavery International
  8. Big agenda for ethnic groups in Myanmar – Yaw Bawm ...

    After enduring decades of brutal military dictatorship, the people of multi-ethnic Myanmar finally got their chance to try democracy. In November 2010, the people of ...
  9. Overview of Ethnic Groups - Burma Link

    When contrasted with many other cultures in the world, some similarities exist between the myriad ethnic groups in Burma, including the Burman majority and ethnic ...
  10. Ethnic rebel armies an unsolved Myanmar puzzle - Yahoo News

    But deep disagreements remain — over how much autonomy ethnic groups should retain in a federalist system, how to form a national army, and how and when ...
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