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  1. Head casting numbers - DSMtuners - Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle ...

    Head casting numbers. Posted by ktmrider, Jan 5, 2008 Cylinder Head & Short Block - 4G63 cams, valvetrain, pistons, rods, stroker kits, 6-bolt swaps, hybrids, etc ...
  2. Cylinder heads | DSMtuners - DSMtuners - Mitsubishi Eclipse ...

    My question is what is the difference is a G6K casting head and a G6S casting ... Newbie Forum - Beginner DSM ... Maybe a better question would be what cylinder heads ...
  3. Mitsubishi OEM Cylinder Head Casting – 4G63 DOHC- Evo 8

    Buy Mitsubishi OEM Parts at DSM Graveyard - Fast Secure Checkout – Ships Worldwide - Contact Us – 269-226-4G63 (4463)
  4. Dsm Cylinder Head

    MAP Stage 1 Cylinder Head Preparation (DSM), MAP Stage 3 Cylinder Head Preparation (DSM)
  5. Magnus V3 Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold for 1G DSM and VR4 ...

    Casting allows subtle changes to the ... we used advanced airflow design technology to match the intake manifold to the 1G DSM head. The 1G cylinder head has ...
  6. Cylinder Heads - BataDo

    American Cylinder Head - Worldwide supplier of new and remanufactured cylinder heads for all makes and models. Specialized i
  7. King Cylinder Heads - Premiere Cylinder Head Supplier in the US

    Welcome to King Cylinder Heads Great Product, Great Service, Great Prices! King Cylinder Heads is the premiere supplier in the United States.
  8. Stage 3 Racing Cylinder Head - Evo X / 4B11 - DSM Graveyard Inc.

    DSM Graveyard is your #1 Source for DSM Parts!! ... Even if your cylinder head casting is destroyed, we still will need the lifter buckets, spring seats, ...
  9. MAP Stage 3 Cylinder Head Preparation (DSM) - MAPerformance

    MAP Stage 3 Cylinder Head Preparation The MAP Stage 3 service porting & polishing service starts with cleaning up the casting flash in both the intake and exhaust ...
  10. EVO Stroker Build -up | Magnus Motorsports

    EVO Stroker Build-up. ... very similar to the old style head in casting but has a few major changes. ... whereas the 2G DSM head had a much steeper entry angle, ...
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