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  1. Good Questions: Water Pipe Covers? | Apartment Therapy

    Good Questions: Water Pipe Covers? Hello AT, I have 2 ceiling to floor hot water poles in my apartment. ... Wraps up your pipe and then gets taped over to seal.
  2. Insulated Outdoor Faucet Cover - Prevents Frozen Pipes! - The ...

    This winter, prevent frozen pipes and seal out the cold by wrapping your outdoor faucets in these Thinsulate thermal insulated faucet socks!
  3. Removable Insulation Blankets & Covers | Thermaxx Jackets

    Need convenient, quality, form-fitting removable insulation blankets for pipes, valves, steam traps or heavy equipment? Thermaxx Jackets has you covered.
  4. Pipe Covers, Sprinkler System Pipe Covers, Ceiling Soffit Covers

    Pipe covers and sprinkler system pipe covers provide protection from direct contact with hot or cold piping systems. Ideal for hot and cold piping systems in schools ...
  5. Cold Weather Tips for Water Pipes | Town of Whiteland

    The following tips from the Whiteland Water Department can help you safeguard your home before, during and after a pipe freezes.
  6. Hot & Cold Water CPVC Plumbing Pipe

    GF Harvel FlowGuard Gold® Hot & Cold Water CPVC Plumbing Pipe. GF Harvel CTS (Copper Tube Size) CPVC Plumbing Pipe, manufactured with FlowGuard Gold® compounds ...
  7. Cold Insulation Jackets | Removable Insulation for Cold Pipes

    Thermaxx cold insulation jackets keep cold pipes and components cold, saving energy and preventing condensation. Learn how our cold insulation can help you.
  8. Insulating hot and cold water tanks and pipes

    Insulating water tanks and pipes - How to add hot and cold water tank insulation and pipe insulation.
  9. How to Insulate Pipes : How-To : DIY Network

    Insulating cold-water pipes will prevent them from dripping condensation, and insulating hot-water pipes will prevent costly heat loss and save on energy bills.
  10. Medium Combo Set Covers Both Cold & Hot Water Lines

    The Medium covers the cold line and the Duplex covers the exit from the hot water heater so all lines ... budget, desire to treat both the cold and hot water pipes.