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  1. Powered By Elgg The Leading Open Source Social Networking ...

    They are also easier to set up than GoingOn and offer different pricing plans. It is best to compare all your options before choosing a platform
  2. Choose A Wireless Network Adapter | Elgg - Open Source Social ...

    Elgg – Open Source Social Networking Platform This is the best place to keep up to date with developments around the Elgg project.
  3. Create New Theme // Custom Elgg Theme Creator at Elgg Factory

    at Elgg Factory you can create your own custom Elgg site from scratch or existing theme/website! You choose the layouts, colors, supply optional mockups and we build it.
  4. Seashells Theme for Elgg 1.7.x, version 2.1 : The Elgg Community

    Choose from one of the available demo users to test run the site. Please leave your comments here: ... This theme takes on a new approach towards Elgg theming.
  5. Search - Travelling Powered By Elgg

    Search related to Travelling Powered By Elgg. Premature Powered By Elgg. Involves Powered By Elgg
  6. Powered - Elgg Hacks

    Sites powered by Elgg . It's just a small part... Activity Seeker. Network of Related Interests or Activities . Community Software 24. Community Software in general ...
  7. Customizing Elgg Themes - Packt Publishing

    Customizing Elgg Themes Why Customize? Elgg ships with a professional looking and slick grayish-blue default theme. Depending on how you want to use Elgg, you'd like ...
  8. Social Connect, version 1.0 : The Elgg Community

    The Social Connect plugin allows your Elgg users to connect to your website through practically all known external social networks. With Social Connect users can ...
  9. Elgg Blog: Example of Site Integration Using Web Services

    Elgg is a leading open source social networking platform which can be used ... I choose to encode the data as JSON (Elgg also supports XML ... Powered by Elgg, ...
  10. Elgg Blog: Welcome, GSoC Students!

    Elgg is a leading open source social networking platform which can be used to power your social network.