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  1. PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals

    PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals Head Office and Factory : ... (Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide) Aminon C-02 SA is Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide and has excellent
  2. Pebax® polyether block amides

    Pebax® stands for polyether block amide. Pebax® is a block copolymer which offers the widest range of performances among the thermoplastic elastomers.
  3. Amide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    An amide, also known as an acid amide, is a compound with the functional group R n E(O) x NR' 2 (R and R' refer to H or organic groups). Most common are "organic ...
  4. amide | chemical compound | Encyclopedia Britannica

    amide, any member of either of two classes of nitrogen-containing compounds related to ammonia and amines. The covalent amides are neutral or very weakly acidic ...
  5. Chemical Properties of Amides: Hydrolysis - lardbucket

    15.17 Chemical Properties of Amides: Hydrolysis. Learning Objective. ... Generally, amides resist hydrolysis in plain water, even after prolonged heating.
  6. Pebax® MED Polyether Block Amide - Foster Polymer Distribution

    Pebax® MED polyether block amides are plasticizer-free, thermoplastic elastomers belonging to the engineering polymer family. They are easy to process by injection ...
  7. Chemicals

    Chemicals Cocamide ... Synonyms : N-(Hydroxyethyl)Amide Coconut;Coconut Oil Monoethanolamide;Amides, Coco, N-(Hydroxyethyl);Cocamide Mea;Coco Fatty Acid ...
  8. TDS 2533 SA 01 - Pebax® polyether block amides

    Polyether block amide Pebax ® 2533 SA 01 is a thermoplastic elastomer made of flexible polyether and rigid ... Its chemical structure also enables the absorption
  9. Arkema Pebax® 2533 SA 01 Polyether Block Amide

    Polyether block amide Pebax® 2533 SA 01 is a thermoplastic elastomer made of flexible polyether and rigid polyamide. This SA grade is specially designed to food uses.
  10. Chemicals

    Chemicals Cocamide ... Ammonium Acetate; N,N-Bis-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-Alkyl-(C12-C18)-Amide; Comperlan COD; Coconut Oil Acid Diethanolamine Condensate;Coco Diethanol ...