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  1. Can cats have heart attacks? - Yahoo Answers

    Can cats have heart attacks? ... is formed somewhere in the body and a piece of it breaks off and clogs part of the heart, or part of the brain(stroke).
  2. Stroke in Cats | Causes - PetWave.com

    Causes of Stroke. Strokes in cats can be caused by an underlying medical condition, or through an accidental injury or poisoning. ... Heart disease; Kidney disease;
  3. Stroke | Stroke in Cats | Feline Stroke Information

    Heart & Blood; Hormonal ... there are a number of conditions that can cause a stroke to occur.Strokes in cats can be ... It was once thought that cats did not have ...
  4. What Are Signs of a Heart Attack in Cats ? | eHow

    Heart disease can occur in cats as young as 3 months or as old as 19 years. ... Signs of a Stroke in a Cat. Signs & Symptoms of Stroke for Cats.
  5. Cat Heart Attack Symptoms: Encyclopedia of Feline Veterinary ...

    Knowing the symptoms of a cat heart attack can help a pet owner seek medical care before it's too late. Fainting and Seizures. Syncope, when cats collapse or faint, ...
  6. Feline Stroke : It DOES Exist and Can Have a Good Prognosis

    Symptoms of a cat stroke can include: ... Feline hyperthyroidism causes high blood pressure and also causes cat heart disease. Both can lead to strokes, ...
  7. Do Cats Have Heart Attacks Or Stroke - Cat Chat - Cat-World ...

    Do Cats Have Heart Attacks Or Stroke. Started by bushka , Jun 14 2010 11:05 AM. Please log in to reply; ... Yes they can have strokes or heart attacks, ...
  8. Know your cat - Feline Stroke

    A diagnosis that your cat has suffered a stroke can be very worrying. ... Ischaemic strokes may be associated with kidney disease, heart disease, ...
  9. Your Pet's Best Friend - Heart Attacks in Dogs

    ... all domestic animals) very rarely have a heart attack in the ... dogs and cats and horses and cows do not have ... While strokes and heart attacks ...
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    Can Cats Have Strokes Or Heart Attacks | Know about Can Cats Have Strokes Or Heart Attacks On Wikipedia . We have latest and Updated Wiki Database From Around The ...
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