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  1. Stroke in Cats | Causes

    Causes of Stroke. Strokes in cats can be caused by an underlying medical condition, or through an accidental injury or poisoning. ... Heart disease; Kidney disease;
  2. How Do You Know If Your Cat Had a Stroke? - Pet Health Network

    Heart Disease: The Most Common Cause of Sudden Death in Cats. ... Can Cats Get Heat Stroke? Why Does My Vet Want a Urine Sample from My Dog? A Pet's Life Blog;
  3. Can cats have heart attacks? | Yahoo Answers

    Can cats have heart attacks? ... (stroke). A heart attack a human is when the ateries supplying the heart become ... any animal can have a heart attack.
  4. Feline Stroke: It DOES Exist and Can Have a Good Prognosis

    Learn about the risk factors and treatment because a cat stroke can have a very good prognosis! Home; Ask a Question. ... if feline heart disease has been discovered, ...
  5. Do Cats Have Heart Attacks Or Stroke - Cat-World

    Do Cats Have Heart Attacks Or Stroke - posted in Cat Chat: Hi everyone, My Fluffy Boy has gone missing,he had a big meal last night and went outside to go to the ...
  6. How to Identify if Your Cat Has Had a Stroke - wikiHow

    How to Identify if Your Cat Has Had a Stroke. Feline strokes, ... If the veterinarian has previously diagnosed your cat with kidney disease, heart disease, ...
  7. Your Pet's Best Friend - Heart Attacks in Dogs

    ... is the technical term for "heart attack". Myocardium means heart ... because he saw the cat and ... could have been a heart attack or stroke or ...
  8. Stroke | Stroke in Cats | Feline Stroke Information

    Heart & Blood; Hormonal & Metabolic ... there are a number of conditions that can cause a stroke to occur.Strokes in cats can be caused by an ... Kidney Disease ...
  9. Cat Heart Attack Symptoms - Vetinfo.com

    Knowing the symptoms of a cat heart attack can help a pet owner ... could be a sign of an impending feline heart attack. The fast heart beat and quick movements can ...
  10. Can Having a Cat Lower Your Heart Attack Risk? - ABC News

    Stroke on Your Mind? Stroke Your Feline ... Beth Birnbaum says she has experienced firsthand the health benefits of owning a cat.