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  1. JUDICIAL CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: Pictures of punishments

    This page is just one of this website's 3,200 pages of factual documentation and resources on corporal punishment around the world.
  2. bullwhip punishment apps for iPad and iPhone

    Ipad Apps for bullwhip punishment Compatible with iPhone and iPad Best bullwhip punishment apps touch app listings, price and news apps ,BullWhip ,Big Punishment ...
  3. Whip - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    1 Use of whips; 2 Stockwhips. 2.1 Australian stockwhip; 2.2 The bullwhip; 2.3 Additional types; 3 Florida cow whip; 4 Signal whips; 5 Snake whips; 6 Equestrian whips ...
  4. Bullwhip Punishment by Lexi - iEasySite

    Lexi delivers a full-force bullwhip punishment, leaving him crumpled to the ground at the end. 8 minutes wmv file 118mb
  5. Cowboy's & Indian Night - Loz Whip Dec 09.MP4 - YouTube

    Loz Needham takes punishment from Dene Ramsden with his leather studded paddle, which he normally saves for the Torture Garden.