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  1. Bugs Bunny - Easter Yeggs - SuperCartoons.net

    Description The lazy Easter Bunny tricks our redoubtable Bugs into delivering his eggs for him. Bugs Bunny is happy to do it until he encounters a nasty little ...
  2. I Wanna Easta Egg!! ... I Wanna Easta Egg!! - YouTube

    From the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Easter Yeggs". From the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Easter Yeggs". ...
  3. Easter Yeggs (1947) - Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

    Easter Yeggs: As Bugs Bunny reads a book on How to Multiply, he is interrupted by a crying Easter Bunny who complains of sore feet. Bugs volunteers, I'll deliver the ...
  4. Easter Yeggs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Plot . Bugs Bunny finds the Easter Bunny (also called the "Easter Rabbit" throughout this cartoon) sitting on a rock, crying. The Easter Bunny tells Bugs that his ...
  5. A-113 Easter Egg in The Brave Little Toaster

    Pixar Easter Eggs & The Mysterious A113. ... Announce Awards Box Office Bugs Bunny cartoon Cartoon Network CotD Crime Daffy Duck Disney DreamWorks Famous Feature Film ...
  6. Bugs Bunny's Easter Special (Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies ...

    Bugs Bunny's Easter Special: The Easter Bunny is sick, and Granny recruits Bugs to help to deliver the baskets of eggs. A surprise ending reveals the Easter Bunny to ...
  7. Easter Yeggs (1947) - IMDb

    Bugs Bunny delivers eggs for the lazy Easter Bunny; ... I Wanna' Easter Egg !!! ... Mickey vs. Bugs; Which Cartoon characters do you feel most sorry for ?
  8. Bugs Bunny "Easter Yeggs" AKA " I Wanna Easta Egg!! ... I ...

    Bugs Bunny "Easter Yeggs" AKA " I Wanna Easta Egg ... I Wanna Easta Egg!! " - posted in Dumpster: Bugs Bunny "Easter Yeggs" AKA "I Wanna Easta Egg ... The cartoon was ...
  9. I Wanna' Easter Egg...I Wanna' Easter Egg !!!

    In the cartoon, 'Bugs Bunny' finds the 'Easter Rabbit' sitting on a rock, crying. The Bunny tells Bugs that his feet are sore, ... "Bugs Bunny": " I Wanna' Easter Egg
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