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  1. Elgg - Open Source Social Networking Engine.

    Elgg is a leading open source social networking engine which can be used to power your social network.
  2. FREE ELGG THEME BY - Free Elgg Theme by Miami Free Elgg Theme ...

    FREE ELGG THEME BY. Free Elgg Theme by Miami Free Elgg Theme by Juipo Free Elgg Theme by Social Web Powered by DZOIC Handshakes Professional Blogs Website ...
  3. Elggzone - Elgg Themes and Plugins

    Our Design. We provide premium Elgg Themes – handcrafted with love and attention to detail. The goal is simplicity and professionalism. Read More
  4. Elgg (software) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Elgg is open source social networking software that provides individuals and organizations with the components needed to create an online social environment.
  5. Powered - Elgg Hacks

    account chat customizing elgg elgg elgg 1.8 elgg blog elgg chat elgg comments elgg dashboard elgg design elgg engine elgg files elgg footer elgg ... Sites powered by ...
  6. idothat.com: Welcome to Macish

    Register now to enjoy the benefits of this excellent project! Sign Up. Design by Elggzone © 2010 - 2012; Powered by Elgg
  7. Elance | Elgg Programmers

    Modification Elgg themes and plugins. Customizing Elgg design. Helping ... Our expertise spans a wide range of industries and we are powered by a team of over 50 ...
  8. Create New Theme // Custom Elgg Theme Creator at Elgg Factory

    at Elgg Factory you can create your own custom Elgg site from scratch or existing theme/website! You choose the layouts, colors, supply optional mockups and we build it.
  9. Elgg Scalability | Sameer Parwani

    Elgg is the cream of the crop of open source social network software, a group which includes other products such as Dolphin, PHPizabi, LovdbyLess.
  10. RWW Interviews David Tosh of Elgg, The Open Source Social ...

    Our architecture allows you to easily extend Elgg's functionality to meet your specific ... All Elgg-powered services have the Open Data Definition ...