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  1. A Vermont Stone Chamber, by Serge Kahili King

    VISIT TO A VERMONT STONE CHAMBER. ... to very ancient "ibero-celtic" temples. As yet, no hard evidence is available to support any of the current theories. ...
  2. Did Celts from Europe build the Northeastern U.S. stone ruins?

    Did Celts from Europe build the Northeastern U.S. stone ruins? ... in Vermont to address this issue ... Celtic presence in America. There is a great deal of ancient ...
  3. Cellar Walls

    A source for information about mysterious ruins in New England including stone walls, standing stones, chambers, dolmens, eartworks, stone piles and more.
  4. The Mysterious Megaliths Of New England - Ensign Message

    The impressive Megalithic ruins of Mystery Hill, ... 41 in Vermont, ... But there are ancient stone circles in New England as well.
  5. Who Built New England’s Megalithic Monuments?

    In “The Mysterious Megaliths of New England,” ... Rutland, Vermont 1995. Ancient and Modern Quarry Techniques, Dr. David ... Ruins of Great Ireland In New ...
  6. Catholis. Vermont Shrines, Holy places. Imaculate Conception ...

    Vermont Shrines, Holy places. Imaculate Conception. VT. Lourdes. Pilgrimage. ... the ancient ruins of which lie on the central western coast of Turkey.
  7. Ancient England - The Ancient Cultures of Britain

    Ancient England The island of Brittania, as it was known to the ancients, is home to ancient monoliths like Stonehenge and the ruins of Roman Cities
  8. Northeast Ruins

    Northeast Ruins. HOME; ABOUT; SLIDESHOW; PROJECTS; Photo essays of abandoned America. Welcome! Under construction. Check back to see pics and vids of the ruins we've ...
  9. Our Lady of Ephesus House of Prayer - Jamaica, Vermont

    Our Lady of Ephesus House of Prayer in Wardsboro Vermont was formed to provide facilities for the spiritual growth of individuals through reflection and prayer
  10. Granger Real Estate: Info About Us

    Granger Real Estate's Vermont agents ... cooking, logging and traveling to ancient ruins. He came to Vermont in 1975 and claims he would live nowhere else.