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  1. Should kids get cash rewards for good grades? - FOX 13 News

    Does it pay to give your kids money for good grades? It's clearly controversial, based on the mixed opinions we got from parents, teachers and students at Tampa ...
  2. How Allowance affects the Students?

    well i don't think allowance affects students as long as they earn the money instead of having it be handed to them i get allowance but if i didn't do my ...
  3. Allowances - United States Department of Defense

    Allowances. Allowances are the second most important element of military pay. Allowances are moneys provided for specific needs, such as food or housing.
  4. Basic Allowance for Housing Rates | Military.com

    Each year the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is updated to meet current housing costs in military housing areas (MHAs).
  5. Allowance For Kids: The Pros, Cons and Some Useful Tips

    Grades today affect one’s college options tomorrow. ... The problem with tying an allowance to good grades is that deciding an amount requires some computational work.
  6. Student Stress and Academic Performance: Seven Ways in Which ...

    Student Stress and Academic Performance: Seven Ways in Which Too Much Stress Can Affect Your Grades. Jun 30, 2008; 0. 8,322;
  7. Military Salary - Pay Overview | Military.com

    The military compensation system has over 70 separate types of pay and allowances -- that's a lot to keep track of.

    What Do Student Grades Mean? Differences Across Schools January 1994. Recent calls for a voluntary system of assessments tied to national standards have lead to both ...
  9. 2013 military clothing allowance chart

    Clothing allowances may be issued to help members pay for their uniforms. There are four main types of clothing allowance: Initial, Replancement, Maintanence, .
  10. Berkeley Parents Network: Allowance & Budget for Teens

    What is an appropriate monthly allowance amount for a COLLEGE STUDENT ... except for freshman year, and the more hours I worked, the better grades I got.