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  1. Adzes & Drawknives » HARDWICK'S

    Adzes & Drawknives. Sort By: View: 11 in. Crown Standard Handled Drawknife. Model № DK. $69.99 Gransfors Bruks ... Sign up for our newsletter. Join us on:
  2. Super Bowl 2012 & 2013 - Willem 'Osiris' Dafoe vs Madonna ...

    http://www.whale.to/c/px_sign.html ... the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) ... (Madonna) to get it on with Osiris (Dafoe)
  3. Tim Manney Chairmaker: A little bit more about the adze.

    This adze is lighter than most adzes of European descent, closer in weight to the elbow adzes of the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Adzes - Outdoor

    These efficient adzes are designed for the fast removal of wood. The Sculpting Adze’s cutting edge is approximately 23⁄4" and is available in two sweeps.
  5. Adzes - Buy an Adze for Log Home Wood Working | OsoGrandeKnives

    Adzes and broad axes have been used for centuries in log cabin building. An Adze (also spelled as adz) is an edge tool of ancient origins which is used for smoothing ...
  6. Indus Script & More: The Table Sign

    The Table Sign The next Indus sign ... and with equal justification call it an adze, considering that the Indus symbol resembles that Egyptian glyph more ...
  7. Adzes - University College London

    Adzes. wooden handles of adzes. Compare the following Old Kingdom relief showing the use of an adze. Copyright © 2002 University College London.
  8. Adzes

    The adzes in the collection are approximately 5cm in length. Therefore it is a small tool made from a flake produced from a prepared core. There are two types of ...
  9. GRANSFORS BRUKS Adzes - Fine Tools

    GRANSFORS BRUKS Adzes. In pre-industrial times, axes were made in many small forges and smithies. A hugh variety grew up as the smith matched his skill to the use his ...
  10. Hollowing Adzes made by Swedish Toolmaker ... - Country Workshops

    HOLLOWING ADZE. Hand forged by Swedish toolmaker Hans Karlsson, these are easily the finest hollowing adzes that we know of. Excellent for bowl carving, saddling ...