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  1. African Symbols

    Adinkra symbols are expressions of Asante philosophy, beliefs and history. They are rich in proverbial meanings, ... Scarab Beetle Silent Theosophy Unifon.
  2. Adinkra, Ghana, Akan, ethnic, symbols

    Adinkra symbols are from the Akan people of Ghana. Their are hundreds of symbols of which 80 are commonly used. The symbols are given to the departed and have various ...
  3. The Language of Symbols - Welcome to Jendayi Collection

    Scarab • (self-generation ... This symbol combines the Adinkra symbol "Morning Star" which can mean a new start to the day, placed inside the wheel (Adinkra symbol
  4. Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Symbol Guide | Studio of Ptah ...

    Adinkra Symbols; Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Alphabet; ... Khepera (Scarab) The Khepera (Scarab) represents change, a new beginning or rebirth of consciousness.
  5. Adinkra, Kemetic Symbols, Rubber Art Stamps

    Adinkra, Kemetic Symbols, African American, Ethnic, Egyptian, Native American, Asia, Rubber Art Stamps ... Adinkra Symbol (Scarab) Mounted: 5.50: Unmounted: 2.75: D-857
  6. Scarab Jewelry - Welcome to 5 Talents, Valley of the Kingz ...

    African american wedding rings, Adinkra wedding rings, womens and mens fine jewelry, ... Scarab Pendants 925 Sterling Silver S1054 1.00" tall S1055 1.25" tall
  7. Egyptian Scarab Beetle Transformation by CreativeArtandSoul

    The sacred scarab beetle symbolizes transformation, rebirth and resurrection. The scarab is also one of the most important symbols of solar worship in ancient Egypt.
  8. Mens Rings tagged "adinkra" | Studio of Ptah Jewelry Co.

    Why Studio of Ptah? Studio of Ptah is a premier source for original jewelry inspired by symbols of Africa, and Cultures from around the world.
  9. Egyptian Faience Scarab Bead

    Our Egyptian Faience Scarab Beads are unique and inspire unusual designs. Scarabs are an ancient Egyptian symbol of good luck. Faience is a turquoise-colored self ...
  10. Egyptian Symbols and Definitions - EgyptArt

    The Egyptian believed the heart was the center of all ... , the great scarab who symbolizes morning and the ram-headed god Khnum representing evening ...