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  3. Defining class methods in PHP - Stack Overflow

    Is it possible in PHP (as it is in C++) to declare a class method OUTSIDE the class definition?
  4. Behind the Name: Login

    The etymology and history of first names. ... search names; search meanings; search popularity; search namesakes; search name days
  5. html - How to add a php parameter to a url? - Stack Overflow

    I got to add a parameter such as $this->rock['link']; in a url. <a href="<? "http://iguang.tw/?from=service&mail=$this->mail['link']?>"> It didn't ...
  6. Send your message to | CLSU personal messaging form

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  7. Babes in Pornland Exotic Babes Scene 1 Starring Alexis Amor ...

    Babes in Pornland Exotic Babes Scene 1 Starring Alexis Amor. hash 3A2505C3EFCB4EEA647E62B4B0A54283AF743ADD, Download for free! Daily new Movies, TV shows, Games, ...
  8. Comic Book DB - The Comic Book Database

    Alexis Lemoine 2. Sylvain Coissard 3. Jerry van Amerongen 4. Mike Twohy 5. Peaco Todd 6. Ann C. Telnaes 7. Jeff Stahler 8. Rob Smith Jr. 9. Etta Hulme 10. Bill ...
  9. i ♥ Girls :$

    ... ">_____</span>Facebook : ALEXIS PETERS ! </span ></span></strong ... $</span> <a class="link" href="http://www.skyrock.com/m/blog/favoris_add.php?id ...
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