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  1. Login - Behind the Name: Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings

    The etymology and history of first names. ... search names; search meanings; search popularity; search namesakes; search name days
  2. Defining class methods in PHP - Stack Overflow

    Is it possible in PHP (as it is in C++) to declare a class method OUTSIDE the class definition?
  3. html - How to add a php parameter to a url? - Stack Overflow

    I got to add a parameter such as $this->rock['link']; in a url. <a href="<? "http://iguang.tw/?from=service&mail=$this->mail['link']?>"> It didn't ...
  4. Izuba Rirashe

    Inzozi z’umwarimu wigishije Paul Kagame na Gen Alexis Kagame mu mashuri abanza . Abantu benshi barimo abasirikari n’abapolisi bari mu bitaro kubera ibiryo bikemangwa.
  5. Add friend apps.ownCloud.com

    Add friend apps.ownCloud.com Community Portal and Apps for ownCloud
  6. randomutube.com

    Alexis Mdap I don't care if that's not a real spider! I'm not touchin that shit!😂 4 hours ago Max P i think lps dave has spiderophopiea 4 hours ago ...
  7. alexislefebvre/AsyncTweets · GitHub

    AsyncTweets - PHP Twitter reader for asynchronous reading ... PHP Twitter reader for asynchronous reading
  8. 3mth.com - Your Source for Social News and Networking

    This allows Nginx to remain lean and fast. It can focus on its core functionality without having to try to add PHP support through modules. Instead, ...