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  1. HTML <input> Tag - W3Schools

    Example. An HTML form with three input fields; two text fields and one submit button:
  2. Forwarded mail.... | Apache | Dev - Gossamer Threads

    Forwarded mail.... Apache Dev Login ... http://hyperreal.com/httpd/newpatch/submit.html ... Achim Jung IRC: Flops junga [at ...
  3. Forms in HTML documents - World Wide Web Consortium

    An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, ... The following sections explain how user agents submit form data to form processing agents.
  4. Forms : Submit Button - HTML Tutorial - EchoEcho.Com

    HTML: EXPLANATION: EXAMPLE; submit name= value= align= tabindex= Submit button Name of the button. Text written on the button. Alignment of the button.
  5. apache.mod-security.user - [solved] erratic http error code ...

    Achim Hoffmann schrieb: ... 300 Connection: keep-alive Referer: http://<HOSTNAME>/spanien/guest/submit.html Content-Type: ... [solved] erratic http error code
  6. PHP 5 Form Handling - W3Schools

    PHP - A Simple HTML Form. The example below displays a simple HTML form with two input fields and a submit button:
  7. Yahoo Submit Your Site

    Yahoo also offers several ways for content providers to submit web pages and content directly to the Yahoo Search index: Yahoo Search Submission. Submit Your Site for ...
  8. [Apache-dev] Forwarded mail.... - Grokbase

    [Apache-dev] Forwarded mail.... Brian Behlendorf. ... http://hyperreal.com/httpd/newpatch/submit.html ... Achim Jung IRC: ...
  9. HTML BUTTON - HTML Code Tutorial

    Forms: The HTML 4.0 tag which lets you put pictures and other effects into a button.
  10. Add URL / Submit URL - Scrub The Web

    Submit URLs to search engines free at Scrub The Web. Since 1996 Scrub we have been the SEO search engine of choice.