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    All Bookkeeping Resource offers many valuable resources for our viewers. Take a look at these Accounts Receivable Management and Collection Articles.
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    Accounts Receivable Management ... MRI Software Partners with Hunter Warfield; CSG's Video Billing Initiative keeps Pace with Time Warner's Seasoned Customers
  3. Clayco Selects DataServ to Automate, Streamline AP Process

    Accounts Receivable Management ... CSG's Video Billing Initiative keeps Pace with Time Warner's Seasoned Customers
  4. Accounts Receivable Process - EzineArticles

    Some companies prefer to hire an accounts receivable outsourcing firm. These firms take over the process of collecting overdue payments in a professional manner.
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    Articles regarding accounts receivable financing companies andfactoring companies on AccountsReceivableLoans.com
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    The most obvious advantage of cash over accounts receivable is that cash is a liquid asset that can be used right away. For a business to use accounts receivable, it ...
  7. Accounts receivable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Accounts receivable is a legally enforceable claim for payment from a business to its customer/clients for goods supplied and/or services rendered in execution of the ...
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    The Accounts Receivable Network is a Web-based repository of mission critical accounts receivable research, technology analysis, application evaluations, best ...
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    Posts with Accounts Receivable on EHTC Press Releases Read our latest news and articles about accounting, QuickBooks, technology and more
  10. Understanding Accounts Receivable Financing | Factoring Company

    Accounts receivable financing is when a business sells its AR(accounts receivable) to a factoring company and receives short-term business funding in return.