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  1. Which PHP mode? Apache vs CGI vs FastCGI - Layershift Blog

    ... Apache module CGI FastCGI Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. Apache Module (mod_php) ... Which PHP mode? Apache vs CGI vs FastCGI.
  2. PHP: CGI and command line setups - Manual

    CGI and command line setups. By default, PHP is built as both a CLI and CGI program, which can be used for CGI processing. If you are running a web server that PHP ...
  3. How to override PHP configuration when running in CGI mode

    There are some tutorials out there telling me how to override PHP configuration when it is running in CGI mode.
  4. How to install Apache 2 with PHP 5 as a CGI - Bobulous

    The PHP documentation helpfully describes how to install Apache 2 and PHP 5 using the shared module mode, but I needed to run PHP in CGI mode so that it matched the ...
  5. Kountry Life Recipes

    Country Living, Country Skills Country People KountryLife.com - A Country Living Resource and Community ... Honey Pecan Pie By oilpatchjo on September 06, 2011 0 Reviews
  6. ploticus: direct cgi mode

    In direct CGI mode you invoke ploticus using a URL instead of command line. Fortunately the two methods are similar, varying only in argument delimitation syntax.
  7. PHP: Installed as CGI binary - Manual

    PHP CGI with VirtualHosts. This is what I found out while trying to get php to work as CGI with Apache VirtualHosts. By enabling 'force-cgiredirects', you *must*:
  8. Using php_flag or php_value in .htaccess files | Tiger ...

    Our servers run PHP in CGI mode (not an Apache module), so you can't use "php_value" or "php_flag" commands in .htaccess files. However, you can modify your php.ini ...
  9. ISAPI/CGI Restrictions <isapiCgiRestriction> : The Official ...

    However, if you changed the application pool to Integrated mode, ... Adds a restriction to the collection of ISAPI and CGI restrictions. remove: Optional element.
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