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  1. Pennsylvania's DUI Guide | PA DAI Offense, Laws, ARD ...

    The 2013 Pennsylvania DUI Information Site. Answers to questions about Pennsylvania DUI / DAI offense including laws, penalties, ARD, jail, prison, suspensions, and ...
  2. Pennsylvania DUI Law Review: ARD | Pennsylvania DUI Blog

    Pennsylvania DUI Law Review: Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) There are a number of options available to a person accused of a DUI in PA.
  3. Pennsylvania ARD Program - PA ARD Program Eligibility ...

    Pennsylvania DUI ARD program is a unique opportunity for PA DUI offenders. Here's a complete explanation of how to get into the PA ARD program.
  4. Ard's 3rd Grade - teacher web

    Ard's 3rd Grade FruitvilleElementary. Announcements; Homework; Class Schedule; BLOG1; Calendar; FAQ; Spelling Words; Links; Supply List; Wish List; About The Teacher ...
  5. Ard's 3rd Grade - teacher web

    Announcements We are off to a great start this year! Students are settling in nicely and adjusting to the LEAP from second grade to third grade.
  6. DUI Legislation - PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services

    Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Requires courts to impose suspensions for BAC ARDs based on the following BAC ranges: ... DUI Treatment and Evaluation
  7. Third Ward, Houston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Third Ward is one of the six historic wards of Houston, Texas, United States. It is located in the Southeast Houston management district. The Third Ward, located ...

    As the helicopter approached the position of the 3rd Platoon, W1 Ard radioed for the platoon to signal with smoke when the Kiowa came over the landing zone.
  9. Pennsylvania ARD Program Eligibility Cost DUI

    If ARD is the right choice for you, ... The ARD program is not always the right choice for every person arrested for DUI. ... 3rd Offense DUI- (BAC .21%)
  10. Pennsylvania DUI Laws & Penalties - DuiArrestHelp.com

    Details on current Pennsylvania DUI laws, penalties, fines, jail time, driver license suspension, ignition interlock laws, DUI classes, and much more.