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    Shed Dive Into Paddling Pool


    Julie's Paddle

    Bridget giving Julie her paddle

    Russell Davies Highlight Reel 2013

    A few clips of Russell Davies paddling all over 'MERICA remembering to attend Church on the daily.

    moose shed 2012

    this years moose paddle i found while shed hunting in 2012

    Moose shed hunting huge paddle


    huge moose shed

    big moose shed 2nd one that day

    Of Human Hearts - Taken to the woodshed 1 - Walter Huston

    I don't know why they took the picture off - it's just a G-rated old black & white movie. Here's my friend's new rodeo song, Bull Rider: http://youtu.be/nR06...

    moose shed

    first moose shed found looking for mule deer sheds nice surprise

    moose shed trying to hide

    this moose shed was 10 feet off the trail . very hard to find . looks like its been there for a while.

    Moment of Zen - Stand Up Paddleboard

    Shed your stress by getting out on the water for a some play and straight up paddling. To help you get your own Zen moments this summer we've got more details on ...

    Mom Pulls Son Out of School After Paddling

    An Ashville, North Carolina woman has pulled her son out of school and is questioning the school board after her son was paddled at school. (Jan 23)

    Man Shed. Twice Married.


    PS Paynesville alias The Tin Shed

    A bit of fun to welcome the PS Curlip; a historic paddle steamer, to Paynesville.

    BOTE Gonzo SS 14' Racing Paddle Board

    The 14' Gonzo SS is BOTE's top of class racing board created for the elite racer who never gives up and never surrenders. As a semi-production race board, the Gonzo ...

    Reinauguración The Shed Paddle

    ESPERASTE MUCHO TIEMPO PARA ESTO.- Reignauracion The sheed padel.- Para que vuelvas a tener la mejor JODA de aquellos tiempos.- Como si fuera poco, se unen p...

    Dr. Quinn Spanking

    Sully spanks Brian for playing with fire.

    Wednesday Night Kayak paddle on the White Salmon

    Hood River OR, Kayak Shed's Wednesday after work paddle group.

    Young Tom Edison (1940) M/m off screen strapping

    Scene from Young Tom Edison (1940 version) where we see and hear it implied that young Tom got the strap from his father.

    Little House Spanking Scene

    Simon's pa disciplines his son for disobedience.

    God Told Me To Create Paddles For Spanking Kids

    After he claims God told him to, a New Kensington man started a Web site to provide parents with paddles and directions on how to spank their children.