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    Short FIlm 'Soul Of Fire'

    See more Intresting Films - http://goo.gl/Zukxf Are you a film maker? Want to showcase your film / documentary and also generate income? Contact us at - info...

    Fire ants.

    A short film about fire ants and the trouble they cause, pesky little critters.

    "Open Fire" short war film (HD)

    Just a short war scene...... Please comment and tell me what you think!

    Sharp Fires - Student Action Short Film

    Sharp Fires is a short action movie made for fun about an assassin who holds a very powerful stone that the Elite Research Corporation is looking for. Directed by ...

    Trading Grounds

    Short film about a soldier who comes face to face with his enemy.

    Untucked Films - Arcade Fire Short

    A comedy short taking place outside the NYC Arcade Fire shows in Feb. 2007.

    German Short Film "Hope" - 99 Fire Films Award 2014

    My brother-in-law Robinson von Lindenschmidt is playing in this profound short film. German with English subtitles. Please watch!

    Into the Fire

    A short film about the experiences people have with fires, the dangers, the bravery, the courage. Music in video made by Joshua Baker @ http://www.jbmusic.org Clips ...

    Short Film - LEVITY / 99 Fire Films Award

    Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MSBFilms Dieser Film wurde für den "99Fire Films Award" in 99 Stunden produziert. Das Thema lautete, "Wir mac...


    Brigham Young University Center for Animation Presents Alight, a short film about a boy made of fire and a girl made of water.

    LAFD Short Film Honors Firefighters, Including Awesome Fires!

    A short tribute video for the annual fallen firefighter gala, held in Hollywood every fall. Remarkable images of firefighters, fire boats, and incidents.

    Play with Fire - Short Film Entry to "Your Film Festival" 2012

    A short movie written and directed by Daniel Goriounov and myself. It was a 8 days project, originally intended for the YourFilmFestival 2012 contest, but we...

    Creating Fire - Short Film - Waxhug Films

    A man in a forest starts a fire in the short Film "Creating Fire" directed by Waxhug Films Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: Waxhug Films http://www.waxhufgfilms.com

    Short film: Ignite The Fire

    "Ignite The Fire" Short film with breathtaking moments. Watch the HD version on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/75659436 This video contains: - Fire juggling - Fire...

    The Burning Fire (Short Film)

    This is a short film based on Jeremiah 20:9. Enjoy it and remember to keep your fire burning. This film was shot and directed by Kayla Harris. Her Youtube ch...

    Operation Freezing Fire Short Film

    The right to live is the greatest right we have. Thats why it must be protected.

    The Lake of Spinning Fire- [Short Film]

    A young boy searches a long lost portal aptly named, "The Lake of Spinning Fire," in hopes of discovering a new world. This Film is Sponsored by the Graham J...

    Fire in the Blood (Short Film)

    Set in the early 1920s, a young African American man, Henry, must fight to survive with the help of his two best friends when a town of racists attempt to hu...

    Nenjil Nirkum Neruppu (Fire That Burns Within) - Short Film - Tamil - Short

    Nenjil Nirkum Neruppu (Fire That Burns Within) - Short Film - Tamil Short films. The film is essentially about a writer's struggle to establish himself and h...

    Under Fire (short film by Shawn Rust)

    This was written by Jacob Emery. He wanted some glory so we let him take the reins on this project. We havent made anything in a while so we thought we shoul...