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    Short FIlm 'Soul Of Fire'

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    Brigham Young University Center for Animation Presents Alight, a short film about a boy made of fire and a girl made of water.

    To Build A Fire

    An adaptation of a short story by critically acclaimed author Jack London, To Build a Fire centers on a man trying to find himself as well as his way out of ...

    Into the Fire

    Visit http://funpoll.com - Do you have the guts to try? A short film about the experiences people have with fires, the dangers, the bravery, the courage. Mus...

    Breath of fire - Short Film - My RØDE Reel 2014

    Have you ever been so passionate about something in which you would be willing to dedicate every moment you have to immerse yourself in it ? This is a short story ...

    Don't mess with fire - Short film

    Don't mess with fire is a Comic and Fictional who talk a little bit about young west African lives and hopes. the word USA burnt in the movie. its doesn't me...

    German Short Film "Hope" - 99 Fire Films Award 2014

    My brother-in-law Robinson von Lindenschmidt is playing in this profound short film. German with English subtitles. Please watch!


    A short film about man's misunderstanding and mixed relationship with mother nature. This is my graduate film from IADT National Film School.. Its a bit of a…

    In the Fire's Path, a short film by filmmaker David Goodwin

    A Jerusalem farm situated in the heart of the Jerusalem Forest is left devastated and desolate following a raging forest fire. Filmed and edited by David Goo...

    Inner Self

    A short film about an insane pyromaniac who killed seventeen people in a house fire, and their struggle to not do it again. Thanks to my friend Logan for doi...

    Fire on the Wire (gang short film)

    Thank you all for watching. Don't forget to like, subscribe and check out the second channel where bloopers and behind the scenes are posted.

    'The Dying Fire' - A Short Film

    My newest short film I made for college - enjoy! :D


    "A short film about two children during WWII who desperately search for the last remnants of humanity left in a forsaken world." Escape from the Fire is an award ...

    The Lake of Spinning Fire- [Short Film]

    A young boy searches a long lost portal aptly named, "The Lake of Spinning Fire," in hopes of discovering a new world. This Film is Sponsored by the Graham J...

    Creating Fire - Short Film - Waxhug Films

    A man in a forest starts a fire in the short Film "Creating Fire" directed by Waxhug Films Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: Waxhug Films http://www.waxhufgfilms.com

    Mystical Fire "Short Film"

    Multi Award Winning short film produced by Leslie Jean Porter . bruce feagle productions. The Sacred Ceremony of The Pipe Carrier The Chasing Horse Family ar...

    Fire Extinguisher 3D short movie


    Untucked Films - Arcade Fire Short

    A comedy short taking place outside the NYC Arcade Fire shows in Feb. 2007.

    Thank's Dad (Short Film for Victims of Domestic Violence)

    A Short Film Dedicated to victims of domestic Violence. A mid thirties man has an awful memory of his childhood when his father abused his mother. Starring: ...

    Fire, Short Film

    This is a short film I made during my second year at uni, its a two minute short film cut to music. The music is by Michael Ortega, for more of his work plea...