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    Mom Lets Tween Wear Victoria's Secret

    One mommy blogger who lets her tween wear Victoria's Secret is causing a stir.

    Preteen Models

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    Hacking Victim Becomes Web Sex Star

    Angie Varona's private photos were hacked years ago, but consequences linger.

    Underground preteen sex video

    Underground preteen sex video

    The Teenage Brain on Porn

    Is porn coloring a teenager's ideas of what sex should be like before they experience it?

    Preteen Lover

    Preteen Lover, PreTeen: When friends turn into lovers, The Virgins-Teen Lovers (MUSIC VIDEO), Part Time "She's My Lover" | Live @ Milk Bar [HQ Audio + Video], PreTeen ...

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    Miss Teen Delaware's Alleged X-Rated Nightmare

    Some say this girl next door may have a shocking past with legal issues and x-rated videos.

    He used to be a she, and she used to be a he. Now transgender teenage lovebirds…

    Arin, 17, and Katie, 19, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, have both undergone surgeries to change their gender and now are enjoying being in their bodies they always wished for.

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    Pre-Teen Spirit

    11-year-old guitar prodigy Sungha Jung locked himself in a room after getting into a fight with his mom and practiced 60 hours straight to learn this song.

    Porn Before Puberty

    Forget birds and bees -- today's kids learn about sex from porn, pop lyrics and Facebook.


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    Petra Cortright at Preteen gallery

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    Miley Cyrus 'Twerking' on VMA: Marketing Sex To Pre-teen Girls

    America: One Nation Under Sex: http://www.politicalarticles.net/blog/2011/06/09/america-one-nation-under-sex/ ---------------------------------- ** Visit Pol...