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    The Inn at Buck Hill Falls Aerial Video.

    The Inn at Buck Hill Falls drone aerial video.

    Chows recovering after propane explosion at kennel

    The aftermath of a a propane explosion at Pazzazz Pet Boarding Kennel, near Beltzville State Park in Franklin Township, Pa., on Friday, March 6, 2009, which ...

    Trail camera tips

    Pocono Record Sports Editor Mike Kuhns shares some tricks in the field for getting the perfect trail camera photo. On July 22, he headed out to set a camera ...

    Flash mob dancing in Stroudsburg on 5/19/12

    Performance art in Stroudsburg as part of the annual Art on Main celebration on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

    Flight of her dreams

    Jennifer Nicholas of Bethlehem Township, Pa., a Poconos native, is on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a flight nurse with Lehigh Valley MedEvac. M...

    Brodhead Creek turns green

    A dye test on the Brodhead Creek, conducted by the Brodhead Creek Regional Authority, turned the creek an unimaginable shade of green Wednesday September 12,...

    Tree Stand Safety

    Pocono Record Sports Writer Mike Kuhns talks about tree stand safety harnesses. For more on this story visit http://www.poconorecord.com

    Shawnee Balloon Festival

    A rare look at the world from a hot air balloon at the Shawnee Balloon Festival. For more on this story visit http://www.PoconoRecord.com

    Remote-control airplanes fly at Recreation Area

    Roxbury Area Model Airplane Club of New Jersey members fly remote-control airplanes at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Video by: David Kidwell/P...

    Snow driving tips

    David Lortz of Independence Driving School gives some tips on how to drive in the snow.

    Mike Kuhn's hunting season from a new view

    Pocono Record sports editor Mike Kuhns will be sharing his hunting season through regular video installments. You can email him your hunting videos and pictu...

    Body Found in Poconos

    A person driving to work found a dead body on Hypsy Gap Road in Monroe County early Thursday morning. For more on this story visit http://www.poconorecord.com

    Totally ugly ties for Father's Day.mov

    We hit the streets to ask if you would buy a hideous tie for your pop for Father's Day. Check out the video!

    Surveillance video of violent Smithfield Township, Pa. gas station robbery

    State police have released this surveillance video of a violent armed robbery at the Express Gas station on Milford Road in Smithfield Township on Wednesday ...

    Horse rescue in the Poconos

    Six malnourished horse rescued by Pocono Animal Rescue. One had to be euthanized but the other five are expected to recover. Volunteers work with horses on D...

    Mike Kuhns interviews Loughborough Inn manager Harvey Webster

    Pocono Record sports editor Mike Kuhns talks with Harvey Webster, who runs the Loughborough Inn in Battersea, Ontario, Canada at the Great American Outdoor S...

    Smithfield Standoff

    PA State Trooper David Peters briefs the media on the armed standoff which occurred on Saturday, May 24, 2014 on Airport Road in Smithfield Township.

    Testing Bottled Water

    The Pocono Record's Melanie VanDerveer tests three brands of popular bottled water and tap water for their chemical content. The results may surprise you. Fo...

    Car Crusher

    A unique recycling project.

    Storm Forecasting with Science!

    Pocono Record Sports Editor, Mike Kuhns, is pressed into service as our resident expert on snowfall prediction.