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    Girl Remarks On How Strong Her Legs Are As She Crushes

    Girl impresses herself with the strength of her squeezes. She really compresses the box of cereal even though it is quite compressed already.

    Young woman beats up a burglar with her legs and feet

    Here the translation of what the girl says in the video: 0:16 "Now it's clear, I can break his little arm!" 0:21 "Let's see what he is thinking of it..." 0:27 "Bye ...

    Entertainer Hanging by only her neck from the Rings! 2010 Shrine Circus

    Amazing entertainer hanging by only her neck, This is Wendy Bell of the Aerial Divas!

    High Heel Headscissor Neck Snap

    Girl uses her smooth creamy thighs to choke out a guy, then snap his neck while he's unconscious. -------------------- No idea where this clip emerged from, ...

    Neck break

    She breaks his neck

    Self Defense Neck Breaks

    Self Defense Neck Breaks. Part of the series: Women's Self Defense Strikes. Breaking an attacker's neck in self defense should only be used in life threatening ...

    Bond Girl 'Kicked Max Clifford Between Legs'

    By Nick Pisa, Sky News Reporter A woman who appeared in the James Bond film Octopussy has told a court how she kicked Max Clifford ''really hard between the legs ...

    With a leafy vine hanging around her neck, Cleo holds onto a rubber rope, and…

    With a leafy vine hanging around her neck, Cleo holds onto a rubber rope with both ands, and springs up and down. Recorded on October 02, 2005 in Kyoto Unive...

    ST708 Second Thoughts PoisonProps.com Pneumatic Halloween Prop

    ST708 SECOND THOUGHTS $1820 Man has a noose around neck while standing on a stool. Then stool slides out from underneath feet, man panics, legs kick and flai...