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    The Dare Squad - Mouse Trap Challenge / Rubber Band Challenge

    Hey guys, we're the Dare Squad. Subscribe to our channel for more videos and suggest other dares for us to do in the comments! We've kept the mouse traps. Throw us ...

    Home made mouse trap

    A humane trap made from a box, crazy glue tube, rubber bands, and a horse treat!

    Rubber band car 25m

    rubber band car, mouse trap car, best rubber band car, how to make rubber band car

    Mouse trap car with rubber bands


    Hopkins engineering students race mouse trap contraptions

    Mechanical engineering students at Johns Hopkins University spent the past several weeks building devices out of mouse traps, rubber bands and other items. Their goal ...

    Lego Mouse Trap

    My lego mouse trap. The trap doesn't hurt very much, and consists of natural Lego pieces and 2 rubber bands. Oh, and I don't have any mouse/rat infestations,...

    Mouse Trap Car- 112 Ft.

    In our industrial tech class we had to build a mouse trap car. Our car went the furthest by a lot. 112 ft. If yur doing this project: TIPS: use these weighte...

    Mouse trap design at Wellington College

    Contains paper, rubber bands, mdf, a skewer and match sticks.

    Let's try to make a rubber band powered CrawlerBot #4

    This is my most successful attempt so far. I am not sure if it qualifies as a CrawlerBot in my own definition (which I have yet to write down) but it does mo...

    homemade mouse trap car project.MUST SEE!!

    this is my self propelled car i made for school . comment on how cool or gay this is.enjoi

    Bargain Store Project #36 Paint Tray Rubberband or Mousetrap Car

    Bought two items from the bargain store. A set of wooden kitchen utensils (see #37 next) and a small paint roller set. In this episode I use the plastic tray...

    Rubber-band ping-pong catapult

    Finding odds & ends in Papa's (Grandpa is are retired mechanical engineer) garage we actually only paid $1 for a bag of rubber-bands of different sizes and w...

    Rubber Band Powered Car #6

    I have been watching videos on various mechanical contraptions such as steam engines and stirling engines and find the linkages used to transfer power in dif...

    mousetrap car/rubberband car

    mousetrap car/rubberband car

    Mouse Trap

    Most “harmless” mousetraps are obtrusive to the eye. One must sit with this cage-like object in their home or place of infestation. This mouse trap is hardly even ...

    Rubber band nut sack challenge

    Rubber band shot to the nut sack

    NASA SCI Files - Mouse Trap Car Activity

    NASA Sci Files segment involving students in an activity to design a vehicle from a mouse trap kit propelled only by the action of the mouse trap.

    Bargain Store Project #31 Mouse Trap Car

    No suprises here. I found some cheap mouse traps in a new bargain store so I decided to make a car with one. To make it a bit interesting I made the back wheels from ...

    How to catch a mouse with cheetos

    Me and some friends used an old fashioned trick to catch a mouse. After catching it we released it again outside.

    Tractor Pull 2009

    Tractor Pull