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    Mouse trap car with rubber bands


    Mouse trap car without rubber bands


    Rubber band car 25m

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    Home made mouse trap

    A humane trap made from a box, crazy glue tube, rubber bands, and a horse treat!

    Hopkins engineering students race mouse trap contraptions

    Mechanical engineering students at Johns Hopkins University spent the past several weeks building devices out of mouse traps, rubber bands and other items. Their goal ...

    Bargain Store Project #36 Paint Tray Rubberband or Mousetrap Car

    Bought two items from the bargain store. A set of wooden kitchen utensils (see #37 next) and a small paint roller set. In this episode I use the plastic tray from the ...

    Mouse Trap Car

    Building my physics project.

    Lego Mouse Trap

    My lego mouse trap. The trap doesn't hurt very much, and consists of natural Lego pieces and 2 rubber bands. Oh, and I don't have any mouse/rat infestations,...

    Rubber Band Car Newton Scooter

    Rubber band car made out of cardboard, pencils, rubber bands, paint & stickers. I can post a how-to video too if wanted.

    Mouse trap design at Wellington College

    Contains paper, rubber bands, mdf, a skewer and match sticks.

    Mouse Trap Finger Challenge - The Slow Mo Guys

    Someone seems to have sneezed on the lens this week. Apologies. In this video, Gav and Dan test out their "finger quickness" in the mouse trap challenge. Who will win ...

    Let's make a Mouse Trap powered Car

    I have been wanting to make one of these for a while as I have seen plenty on YouTube. It took me a while to find somewhere that stocked these old style mousetraps ...

    How to catch a mouse with cheetos

    Me and some friends used an old fashioned trick to catch a mouse. After catching it we released it again outside.

    Mouse Trap

    Most “harmless” mousetraps are obtrusive to the eye. One must sit with this cage-like object in their home or place of infestation. This mouse trap is hardly even ...

    The BEST Mousetrap car ever created.

    Hey everyone this is my mouse trap car I created in the 8th grade (2005) and Ive recently came across it while looking for something in my closet. I used pai...

    Bargain Store Project #37 Wooden Kitchen Utensils to Rubberband or Mousetrap Car

    In this episode I use a set of wooden kitchen utensils to make a rubber band powered car and then convert it to a mousetrap car, so you get two cars for the ...

    How To Make A Rubber Band Powered Boat

    rubber band/ elastic band powered boat I made. Simple and easy to make. CHECK MY OTHER VIDS OUT PLEASE!! LINKS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrU9MADj63E http://www ...

    Rubber Band Powered Car #8 pushes 500g

    Stephanie NA commented "Hi there! I was assigned to do a physics project, and we're supposed to build a car that can push at least 500g of rubbish. It has to be made ...

    Let's try to make a rubber band powered CrawlerBot #4

    This is my most successful attempt so far. I am not sure if it qualifies as a CrawlerBot in my own definition (which I have yet to write down) but it does move ...

    PCC Mouse Trap Boat Spring 2010