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    Mouse trap car without rubber bands


    Home Made, Cheap & Easy DIY Rat Trap! Humane

    How to make a cheap and humane rat/mouse trap. Things you'll need: Knife, Water bottle, Some rubber bands, a couple of sticks, and "bait" Enjoy!! www.fb.com/gadgtecs

    Home made mouse trap

    A humane trap made from a box, crazy glue tube, rubber bands, and a horse treat!

    Rubber band car 25m

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    Mouse trap car with rubber bands


    Mouse Trap Car

    Building my physics project.

    Lego Mouse Trap

    My lego mouse trap. The trap doesn't hurt very much, and consists of natural Lego pieces and 2 rubber bands. Oh, and I don't have any mouse/rat infestations, I just ...

    How To Weaponize Mouse Traps

    Mouse traps come in various sizes. Especially the bigger types (that are also suitable for catching rats) use seriously powerful springs. This sparked an idea: Is it ...

    NASA SCI Files - Mouse Trap Car Activity

    NASA Sci Files segment involving students in an activity to design a vehicle from a mouse trap kit propelled only by the action of the mouse trap.

    Lego Mouse Trap

    My lego mouse trap. The trap doesn't hurt very much, and consists of natural Lego pieces and 2 rubber bands. Oh, and I don't have any mouse/rat infestations,...

    Simple Mouse Trap Car goes 138 feet

    Detailed plans are available. Please view my video response to see how to actually build the car.

    The Dare Squad - Mouse Trap Challenge / Rubber Band Challenge

    Hey guys, we're the Dare Squad. Subscribe to our channel for more videos and suggest other dares for us to do in the comments! We've kept the mouse traps. Th...

    Card Trap Rubber Band Card Trick Revealed


    Let's make a Mouse Trap powered Car

    I have been wanting to make one of these for a while as I have seen plenty on YouTube. It took me a while to find somewhere that stocked these old style mousetraps ...

    Lets make a Rubber Band powered Car #1

    My Rubber Band powered Car #1 Components - PVC Oval Conduit - 3 BallPen bodies - 1 35mm film canister - 4 CDs or DVDs - 4 small plastic bottle tops - 1 woode...

    Mouse Trap Car- 112 Ft.

    In our industrial tech class we had to build a mouse trap car. Our car went the furthest by a lot. 112 ft. If yur doing this project: TIPS: use these weighte...

    Tractor Pull 2009

    Tractor Pull

    Bargain Store Project #37 Wooden Kitchen Utensils to Rubberband or Mousetrap Car

    In this episode I use a set of wooden kitchen utensils to make a rubber band powered car and then convert it to a mousetrap car, so you get two cars for the ...

    Bargain Store Project #30 Rat Trap Car

    No suprises here. I found a cheap rat trap in a new bargain store so I decided to make a car with it. I was worried it might be too powerful so I used the la...